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Money is _____________ .

November 3, 2009


* Final post in a 30-day experiment
focused on magnetizing essence! *

We made it!  The magnetic experiment ends here.  But the magnetic mindset remains.  So, what has a month of focused thought on “creating money” revealed to me?   That money is…

  • …a measurement of value — like time, square footage or a bra-cup.
  • …a mirror — that reflects the person or organization hoarding, sharing, repelling, enjoying or investing it.
  • …an amplifier — that can pronounce who and what we are (i.e. philanthropist or felon).
  • …a catalyst — that can propel dreams and nightmares.

The essence of money is absolutely neutral — like water.  The use of money is absolutely defining — of its user.

To organize societies and nations around the acquisition of money is the most foolhardy and vacuous feat ever put into place.  That kind of barren tail-chasing is void of the stuff that actually makes life enjoyable — “utopic” things like well-being and dignity for all.

Civilizations need something strong to stand on.  And as money is not a virtue in and of itself, it lacks that necessary strength to uphold us.  Hence the cracks we’re experiencing.  Perhaps the way is being paved for higher ways?

Money without heart creates tyranny and depravity.  But, the way things are currently established, heart without money creates exhaustion and stagnation. 

As a lover and an optimist, I want to do vibrant things in the world.  I want to make dry things glisten.  I want to see relationships, bodies and biospheres healed.  I want to unleash miracles and transformation from myself and others.  And in the current 3D capitalist system I indwell, money enables these goals (and the absence of money hinders them).  Something about that seems so so off.  And, like many others, I feel change coming.  Not coins, but change.

A different kind of currency.  One that really does flow, circulate and energize.

In reviewing my intent to create and magnetize money, I have also accepted the responsibility to cleanse and upgrade all that I can surrounding monetary transactions.

Live outside the box. Literally.

October 26, 2009



* Post 12 in a 30-day experiment
focused on magnetizing essence! *

(Pre-Script:  I realize now that this “experiment” has evolved into an extended meditation that is shining bright light on pretty much every area of the things that matter most to me.  This kind of revelation is as inconvenient as it is liberating, because you become responsible for the things you know… Gulp.)

Have you ever seen a square egg?  Or a square anything in nature?  You don’t need to be a whiz in geometry or forestry to notice the blatant absence of squares and rectangles in nature.  Nature shows her preference for curved lines.  Not only are they more aesthetically pleasing, they are also stronger.  The soft, supple willow survives violent storms while the straight, rigid tree snaps and cracks.

One reason modern civilizations like squares so much is because they stack well.  And you know how post-modern people are always trying to scrape the sky.  Before we were taken over by feverish, rabid ambition… when we lived with greater humanity and sanity… our shelters – especially the shelters of red, brown and yellow people – did not resemble rigid blocks, but rounded breasts.  Gorgeous, comforting, nurturing, soothing breasts.


Talk about home sweet home.  Not home linear home.  Home uptight home.  Home cookie-cutter home.

Unquestioned, unexamined conformity pervades mainstream living.  Like a cog.  In a wheel.  That will be shipped out in a box.  Probably not too different from the box we might work in… which is, again, not too different from the box we might live in.  Horror!

For the past decade, I let my desire to have a different kind of home and a different kind of life sleep… but now it is awake and screaming something fierce.  I used to pacify myself with pictures (visualizations) and happy-talk (affirmations), but a couple days ago I took my first actual tour of a dome-home (a B&B, actually – Thyme for Bed in Lowell, Indiana), and that experience deepened my craving for an unboxed home and an unboxed life.  I want land.  So that I can hand-sculpt my own earthen home according to my vision, style and nuances.  Look at the breath-taking possibilities that roundedness and earthen materials make possible:




An extension of my gleeful life will include the hybrid home I will create… part monolithic (which is made of sprayable concrete) part cob (which is made of clay, sand, straw and earth… similar to adobe) with lots of stone, clear/stained glass, mosaic/ceramic tiles, solar panels and tons of soulful expression and reverence for Mama Earth.  It will be my creative headquarters in which I grow, and from which I send you my love.  

Post-Script:  Hey, do you want to make your own Heavenly Hobbit House, too?  Here’s some resources:

How to remove creative blocks by talking directly to the thing you’re creating.

October 22, 2009


* Post 11 in a 30-day experiment
focused on magnetizing essence! *

Have you ever been “stuck” while working on a creative endeavor like a book, a song, a painting, a sculpture, a design, a new product or service, etc.?  Did you ever wish you could just open up a can of high-performance inspiration, and get on with creating effortlessly?

You can.

By talking directly to The Thing you’re creating.  Ask It a few questions in a friendly way.  You’ll be fascinated by Its answers.

Seriously.  Whether you’re stuck in your idea for a blog, a business or a blues band … pretending that your Creation is a really smart person, and asking It some of these questions will stimulate your inspiration-gland in a way that will probably keep you awake tonight:

  • So, Creation-In-The-Making, what’s Your real name?
  • Why do You want to exist?
  • How do You want to make people feel?
  • Who do You want to help or serve?
  • How do You want to help or serve them?
  • What do You have to say, show or teach?
  • How do You want to make life more enjoyable for people?
  • How do You want to be remembered?

Only after you’re absolutely enthused and inspired by what you learn from your Creation’s answers, ask It:

  • Why did You pick me to bring You into the world?
  • What’s the best way for me to bring You into the world?
  • What’s the first step for me to take to bring You to life?
  • Who else would be interested in helping me bring You forth?  (co-creators)
  • Who else would be interested in having You once You’re out-and-about?  (market)
  • What’s Your biggest, wildest possibility?

Talking with my book-in-progress… asking It these questions… did several wonderful and surprising things.  It lifted the heaviness and burden that can come with a big project.  It repositioned me from “the one doing the work” to “the one translating/conveying/importing the work”.  It removed the pressure to be creative and allows me, instead, to merely bring through an idea that wants to be seen, heard and considered.

This is a new creative process and orientation for me.  I love its ease, grace and flow.  It’s so light and shimmery.  I bet it can even be lived.

And for the record, I am counting this technique as one of the many gems I’ve magnetized from doing this amazing experiment.

Would you do me a favor, please?  If you start talking to your creative projects, and asking it arousing questions, (or if you have done so all along) please share your experience in the comments below.  I’d love to learn how other creators interact with their creations… especially as they’re being made.

What Can You Learn From ‘Happy Baby Pose’?

October 14, 2009

 * Post 10 in a 30-day experiment
focused on magnetizing essence! *

This past weekend I enjoyed a sensational, love-filled wedding at Destination Kohler.  Besides being inspired by the joy of the occasion, the lavish beauty of the Kohler grounds stimulated me in so many ways that strongly supported my goals with this experiment in magnetizing essence.

During my weekend in Wisconsin, the part of the book that I actively meditated on was the chapter about inner guidance.  Because I had committed to pay special attention to the things that attracted me (as well as the things that repelled me),  I was very aware of my attraction to Kohler’s Yoga on the Lake Studio.  Even more than the luxurious spa services.  More than horseback riding.  More than pumpkin-carving.  I was guided to an early morning (7:30 am!) Slow Flow Vinyasa class.  I didn’t know why.  Until later.

This particular class put a lot of emphasis on the hips.  The instructor called for us to go into happy baby pose which opens the hip joints.  And so much more.  While in Happy Baby I noticed a few strong feelings.  I felt:

  • surrendered/vulnerable;
  • playful/giddy; and
  • free of worry and concern.


Babies draw to them all that they need:  nourishment, protection, giggles, cleanliness, naps, play, exploration, soft blankets, sweet smells, bubble baths, pureed fruit, Momma’s milk, lullabies, cradling, joyful gatherings, adoring attention, etc.

All the things adults spend their time and energy striving to get, babies enjoy with ease.  Sure, adults have responsibilities and babies don’t.  But I still believe there is something of deep importance we can learn from them.  While I was in “their” pose… undignified… unlady-like… with my butt in the air, and legs spread open… somewhere between silliness, freedom and innocence, I got it. 

I accessed their magical state of mind.  I remembered when I knew how to trust perfectly.

And can you honestly think of anything as magnetic as a baby?

Ananda Balasana.  What has it taught you?

Who do you want in your life?

October 4, 2009

“People All Over the World,” by Debora Laura Campobasso

* Post 9 in a 30-day experiment
focused on magnetizing essence! *

Besides health, what’s the one thing that will always trump money and material goods?


We don’t get to choose them all, but we do get to choose some.  The question is how do you make those choices?  How do you decide who will fill your life? 

Just like I’ve learned how important it is to figure out the essence behind the things I desire, this book is now challenging me to figure out the essence behind the relationships I want to magnetize.  I have done this kind of thought-creation before (effectively!), in the context of a life-partner, for the experience of loving companionship.  And for friends big and pliable enough to let me be my zany self without cringing or judging too much (love y’all!).

But I’ve never done this essence-ing thing in an economically strategic context.  This is new to me and, honestly, feels a little scary.  (You have no idea how much I’ve procrastinated finishing this post, which indicates to me there are probably some extraordinary results awaiting.)  Alright, let’s dive in.  At this point in my professional life, I want to magnetize:

1.  My Literary Agent, My Publisher and Booksellers
     (Those Who Help Me Serve)

Many people have encouraged me to self-publish because they say the self-published author gets “more money and more control.”  They also say the internet’s impact on digital publishing has made direct selling of e-books not only profitable, but “easy.”

Hmmm, is that so?

Four months ago, I published my first ebook, You’ve Got Nerve!  It’s small (50 pages), and specialized (Highly Sensitive People).  I spent so much time and energy working on layout, design, pricing, delivery mechanism, marketing, search engine optimization, traffic-building, etc. it left me exhausted and overwhelmed.  And the worst part is that all that “control” took away my time to do what I love the most:  content creation.  I want to write books, and promote what I write via book tours, interviews and speaking engagements.  Period.  I want to spread myself thick by focusing on what I do best.  And, I believe, an agent and publisher can help me with that delegation.   They have in place much larger forces (editorial, marketing, distribution, etc.) than I can create on my own.  I don’t mind sharing a percentage of profit in exchange for the use of their forces on my behalf.

I also desire these people in my life — an agent, a publisher and beloved booksellers — not only for the preservation of my time and energy, but also because my message is appropriate for the mass market.  What’s inside of me is a paradigm-shifting book that transcends its specialty.  It’s a map that shows how sensitive leadership will transform the world (the shift has already begun, actually).  It is both a summons to, and a declaration for, those new-style leaders… those “meek” ones who are about to inherit the earth!  This vision/project is so much bigger than me, and I need help and support to bring it forth effectively.

Here’s the twist.  I want to use “traditional” publishing methods to create untraditional outcomes.  Of course I seek a successful launch and high-number sales.  But by using every aspect, angle and advantage of media, I also want to co-create a transformative movement that results in viral tenderness.  We’ve worked with spears, guns, bombs… threats, slander and gossip for long enough.  It’s time for the guards to change.  It’s time to make guards unnecessary.  And we can.  We.  Can.

Bottom-line:  I want to partner with an agent and publisher who can implement big ideas, who can appreciate the spirit behind a phrase like “viral tenderness,” and who can value the heart of a person who thinks, writes and speaks that way.  With their assistance, combined with the love and passion that fuels me, I can magnetize…


2.  My Readers and Audience 
     (Those I Exist to Serve)

When I asked myself who I most admire… who I am most energized and inspired by… who I most naturally love and adore… these terms came to mind:

  • Activists
  • Alchemists
  • Artists
  • Contemplatives
  • Creators
  • Dreamers
  • Earth Angels
  • Eccentrics
  • Empaths
  • Explorers
  • Geeks
  • Healers
  • Highly Sensitive People
  • Iconoclasts
  • Idealists
  • Introverts
  • Intuitives
  • Inventors
  • Lightworkers
  • Lovers
  • Mystics
  • Optimists
  • Peacemakers
  • Philanthropists
  • Pioneers
  • Sages
  • Seers
  • Shamans
  • Social Entrepreneurs
  • Thinkers
  • Trailblazers
  • Visionaries 

People who embody these traits make my life more enjoyable, so of course I desire their company, their ideas, their work, their activated presence on Earth.  But because this special group of people is not typically embraced by mainstream society (the way athletes, actors, models, etc. are), they are often discouraged, under-appreciated and self-doubting.  These are the ones I want to applaud, celebrate and activate. 

The world has been crying for this group’s collective gifts (peace, beauty, wisdom, compassion) while simultaneously refusing the very same Milk they just demanded.  It’s because we haven’t clarified our cultural conversations, so things carry-on in a state of confusion and malnourishment.

My book and message will help clarify that conversation.

(((wiping sweat from my brow)))…  Jeesh, that was a lot of work… capturing all those details.  But you know what?  The process feels much more like I am deliberately constructing something rather than passively wishing for it.  What if directing my thoughts like this just put something powerful in motion?  I believe it did.

This post focused on attracting the people relevant to my writing and speaking career, but it is an amazing thing to do for the people in your personal life, too.  So whether you are an entrepreneur (who desires customers/clients) or a splendid person (who desires friends/lovers) I hope you give some thought to the essence of those people you want to attract.  Thinking about their core, ironically, clarifies your own.

P.S.  And, thanks to the wise insight in Peter’s comment below, I’m inspired to add this postscript:  Dear Universe, please accept the specificity of these desires with the humility in which they were written.  I trust Your Ways far above my own.  Help me to hold the vision You have birthed in my heart with fervor, joy and ease.

The Unmistakable Beauty of Deep Life Diving

September 29, 2009

 * Post 8 in a 30-day experiment
focused on magnetizing essence! *

We know more about the moon, than the deepest parts of the ocean.

I think this is just hilarious.  And so revealing of our avoidant nature.  We’d much rather explore “out there,” (extroverted bouncing) than explore “in here” (introverted mindfulness).

The deep sea — and its wild creatures and habitat — has always intrigued me.  Plunge!  Dive!  Submerge!  Down-down-deep-down.  Learn what lives in your darkness.  There’s nothing to fear in your shadows.  As my mentor, Joseph Campbell, said:  “The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek.”

The book I’ve been working from in this experiment has helped me gain tremendous focus and decisiveness about what it is I want in and from life.  And to my delight, it is helping me enter many of the caves I used to fear… and I’m discovering treasure there!

For instance, I always thought I wanted to write for a living.  Now I know I want to write for a life.  Before I got super-clear about this (which is key to powerful magnetism), look at my previous attempts to fulfill that desire to write.  I have worked professionally as a:

  • grant-writer;
  • copywriter;
  • speech writer; and
  • greeting card writer.

I got paid to do these things, but none of these positions came remotely close to the kind of writing my soul yearns to do.  The kind of writing I’m doing now.

Had I been thinking about things like “higher quality,” “deepest need” and “essence,” it would have been immediately obvious to me that I’d find little satisfaction in simply stringing words together for someone else’s outcome.  Not when I have a heart that has so much to say.

What’s the “why” behind your “what“?  Dive…

How do you keep life simple and fret-free?

September 25, 2009


* Post 7 in a 30-day experiment
focused on magnetizing essence! *

I spent today with the most gentle man on the face of the earth — my uncle, Riley Jr. (in pic above).

Chronologically, he’s 71.

Developmentally, he’s 6.

Inspirationally, he’s perfect.

His conviction that everything will always be just fine cannot be shaken.  His belief in the goodness of God does not flinch or fade.  His certainty that every one of his needs will be met (and generally exceeded) is something I aspire to.

And because he’s free of anxiety, he has extra energy to Just Be Love.  There’s not one suspicious or cynical bone in his body, because he’s filled to capacity with Sweet Innocence.

“Cognitively challenged?”  Perhaps.

But light years ahead of me in Trust and Ease?  Definitely.

Before I took him out for dinner, he strummed a simple, carefree song for me.  As you can see, he doesn’t bother with fretting.  Oh look… a punny-pun!  :-)

He’s got this manifesting stuff mastered.  How ’bout you?  Do you have any Surprise Teachers in your life?

What do you *really* want?

September 24, 2009

* Post 6 in a 30-day experiment
focused on magnetizing essence! *

Page 21 of the book I’m working from in this experiment asks, “What deeper needs and desires would be satisfied if you had a large sum of money?  What higher qualities or feelings do you think you would have more of?”

My answer:

I am inviting and creating the opportunity to use
the Light of my Mind,
and the Fire of my Heart
to express the blazing ideals I cannot contain.

My deepest need and desire is to communicate
(write and speak) with others in a way that
leaves us both uplifted and transformed.

I create catalytic content that brings people closer
to themselves and the world around them.

There are tons of books about money — how to get it, keep it, invest it, etc. — but the reason I was attracted to Roman’s/Packer’s book is because it presumes the reader seeks growth, aliveness and manifested potential.  For me, that presumption sets this book apart from and above all the others.  It keeps reminding you that there’s something (higher qualities) behind the money you’re wanting.  And if/when you identify those qualities, you have cracked your own code.  You have discovered your most powerful motive.

I’m not interested in a big wad of money.  I’m interested in a big wad of time to simply be able to write!  And I am more free and more rich to have made this important distinction.

A couple weeks ago I sent a query letter to more than 90 literary agents about a book idea (for Sensitives and Empaths) that has been simmering in me.  The “Thanks, but no thanks” rejections started pouring in immediately…  until yesterday, when one said that she thought I was “onto something,” and she requested my proposal — which I’m feverishly excited to complete in the next 14 to 21 days.

And it’s just now occurred to me (duh!) that I’ve made public a self-discovery process that is strengthened by you.  Putting these words, hopes and realizations “out there,” to be witnessed by you, makes them even more real and attainable for me “in here.”  You are the interactive community I want to see and serve.  And I am every bit as interested in hearing what your “deeper needs and desires are”, too!  From the bottom of my heart, thank you for being here.

Here’s something, from page 27 that I’ll be savoring a long time:  “The process of getting there, is the quality of being there.”

And for my fellow hyper-visualists, who travel galactically
by sheer imagination, I shortened it:

“To get there, be there!”

Can you love “possibilities” too much?

September 23, 2009


* Post 5 in a 30-day experiment
focused on magnetizing essence! *

On page 14 of the book I’m reading for this experiment, visualizing is defined as “using your imagination to picture what you want in advance of getting it.”

But what if you have too many pictures?  What if your imagination is so enamored with all of life’s wonderful possibilities, that you accidentally took residence in limbo so you could enjoy thinking about The Options, without ever making real decisions about them?

That’s the block I uncovered in today’s reading:  indecision.  It wasn’t until I sat to do a visualization exercise that I noticed what a hard time I had choosing something specific to visualize.

I looked up the etymology of the word “decide,” and found the root of the word means “to cut.”  Deciding one thing, cuts away other things.  Indecision doesn’t cut anything away, but it doesn’t lay claim to anything, either.  This has been a lifelong pattern of mine… taking too much delight in the idea of many things, rather than the actuality of fewer things.  Enough!

This feels like a eureka-breakthrough-epiphany, to see my indecision — and reluctance to commit — so clearly.  I don’t like the fuzzy results this has brought me, and I don’t like the weak life-stance it creates.  What I would prefer, and therefore now choose, is to practice decisiveness by focusing on the claimed thing rather than the cut things.

This, already, is beginning to feel like the difference between a fire-hose and a low-impact shower-head.

Goodbye indecision.  I caught you hiding out in my corners, hoping I wouldn’t see you.  But I did.  And you’re no longer welcome here, you coward.  Go tremble somewhere else.

Yeah!  Another block blasted.

Blasting Blocks with Hematite and Garnish

September 22, 2009


* Post 4 in a 30-day experiment
focused on magnetizing essence! *

So, how do you feel about garnish?

Yesterday morning, while making my breakfast green smoothie, and choosing to save one of the strawberries as garnish for my glass, I had this unsettling college memory resurface:  A girlfriend had invited me to her dorm-room to study together.  She offered me a glass of pink-lemonade, and she added a lemon-wedge to the glass.  With a brightly colored bendy straw, too.

As she was slicing the lemon, I remember protesting… telling her to not go through all that trouble.  I didn’t feel used to it.  Or deserving of it.  A wedge of lemon!  She ignored me and, instead, created the most lavish glass of lemonade ever made.  I tried my best to simply enjoy it.  But I was too busy feeling guilty and puritanical.  As if that wedged lemon caused a harmful global deficit.

Thankfully, I’m not in that place anymore.  I’m an unapologetic sensualist now, who takes full advantage of my glorious nervous system.  But remembering how much I shrinked away from that piece of garnish… feeling like the added color, beauty, effort, citrus-zing, was some monumental prize I wasn’t worthy of… it revealed a lot to me about my former state of self-worth, deservedness and pleasure.

I see now that working through this book with such a wide-open expectancy is going to cause quakes and cleanses.  And I welcome them, because I want to be free of those lurking programs that cause me to downplay my value.

More garnish, please!

And add a little hematite, while you’re at it.

Wedding bands.  Cross-necklaces.  Military dog-tags.  Corporate ID badges.  Blonde highlights.  Fluevog shoes.  We all have things we wear as statements or as reminders.

Yesterday I picked up a pocket-sized piece of hematite (which shares the properties of magnetite that I mentioned in an earlier post) to remind me that:  I am magnetic; I attract and share great things; and I am deserving of such!

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