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As a species, we are changing.

August 11, 2011

Are you more inclined to focus on the London riots or the London clean-ups?

That’s the interesting thing about humans… we’re capable of doing and focusing on either.

It’s all choice. 

I choose to use the internet to get and share positive, stimulating ideas.

For instance, did you know that Costa Rica — a very wise country, presided by a woman — was the first (among 20 others) to formally abolish their military forces?  They did so in 1949.  What kind of people behave like that?  Who has the nerve to feel safe without armed forces?

Culture claims we’ve been designed for greed and war… that we’re only human, just a hair above wild animals — predatory and territorial.  How do we not use those statements as excuses to stay low?  How do we dare to do as Costa Rica has already done, and stop equating war with patriotism… accepting it as an inevitable reality?

We choose to spend more on organized violent conflict than we do on education and civic flourishing.  Innovating, forgiving, blessing, sharing and peacemaking are the most powerful explosions we can make.

As a species, we are changing.  We’re not just making riots.  We’re cleaning them up, too.  Time to tip the scales.

Happy (Belated) Birthday, Grandma

July 9, 2008

The Heavenly Council must have been in an especially good mood June 9, 1912 because they decreed the soul-release of Juanita Rose Harris.  My blessed, sweet-like-no-other, Grandmother.

I lost her, physically, in 2001… to the slow and merciless thief known as Alzheimer’s Disease.  It whittled away at her brain, her memories, her ability to be present with others in ways that we could understand.  It could not, however, degenerate her Sweetness.  No, her Sweetness was huge… and real… and legendary.  Her apron strings held more love than some people will ever know in an entire lifetime.

So many things remind me of her.  Some of them are:  A purse full of tissues and peppermints.  Charm.  Devotion.  Easy laughter.  Faith.  Femininity.  Fresh corn… shucked and creamed.  Full-slips.  Gingerbread.  Gospel music.  Grace.  Hat boxes.  Hugs.  Petal-soft skin.  Pink satin pajamas.  Pond’s Cold Cream.  Prayer.  Pretty legs.  Quick smiles.  The 23rd Psalm.  The Price is Right.  Utmost tact.

Whenever I laid my head on her lap, I not only found the answer to all my nagging questions… I no longer needed answers because I had, in that moment, Deep Peace.  I miss her.  Painfully.  And I remember her always.

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