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The Unmistakable Beauty of Deep Life Diving

September 29, 2009

 * Post 8 in a 30-day experiment
focused on magnetizing essence! *

We know more about the moon, than the deepest parts of the ocean.

I think this is just hilarious.  And so revealing of our avoidant nature.  We’d much rather explore “out there,” (extroverted bouncing) than explore “in here” (introverted mindfulness).

The deep sea — and its wild creatures and habitat — has always intrigued me.  Plunge!  Dive!  Submerge!  Down-down-deep-down.  Learn what lives in your darkness.  There’s nothing to fear in your shadows.  As my mentor, Joseph Campbell, said:  “The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek.”

The book I’ve been working from in this experiment has helped me gain tremendous focus and decisiveness about what it is I want in and from life.  And to my delight, it is helping me enter many of the caves I used to fear… and I’m discovering treasure there!

For instance, I always thought I wanted to write for a living.  Now I know I want to write for a life.  Before I got super-clear about this (which is key to powerful magnetism), look at my previous attempts to fulfill that desire to write.  I have worked professionally as a:

  • grant-writer;
  • copywriter;
  • speech writer; and
  • greeting card writer.

I got paid to do these things, but none of these positions came remotely close to the kind of writing my soul yearns to do.  The kind of writing I’m doing now.

Had I been thinking about things like “higher quality,” “deepest need” and “essence,” it would have been immediately obvious to me that I’d find little satisfaction in simply stringing words together for someone else’s outcome.  Not when I have a heart that has so much to say.

What’s the “why” behind your “what“?  Dive…

What’s so special about 1988?

September 21, 2009


* Post 3 in a 30-day experiment
focused on magnetizing essence! *

In 1988:

  1. Joseph Campbell’s Power of Myth was released.
  2. Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer published the first edition of Creating Money.
  3. I graduated from high school.

I can’t help but wonder (in a giggly kind of way) what would have happened if, at 18, I had come across #1 and #2.  Would I have bypassed so many of the limiting thoughts I now choose to release?  Or would I have been more like a toddler slobbering all over a book about nuclear fusion?  Ha!

Well.  Fast-forward twenty-one years, and I am finally ready to push my boundaries and beliefs beyond the slumbering zones of safety.  Form, matter and substance is animated by energy, and I want to deeply understand (and master) that process.  Not as a physicist.  But as a wild lover of life.

I visualize the attainment of magical living not just for myself, but for others as well.  Every person who has an awakened heart… every person who lives with a degree of unrest (because they know there is more to be savored)… every person brave and audacious enough to think for themselves and find their Right Rhythm… I hold all of these tribal leaders in my vision, too.  Because you’re the ones I want to sip and sup with.  On sweet nectar.  From gorgeous chalices.  At a table that has no end.

Today’s reading got me off to a great start.  It reminded me that: (1) everything flows from energy; and that (2) emotions shape and feed that energy.  As a highly sensitive person with a VIVID inner life, I have an abundance of emotional fuel with which to work.  The “trick” so far has been bringing the jewels and gems from the inside of me out into the world where they can be experienced physically.  This is what manifestation, and this experiment, is all about.

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