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MONEY, MEANING and MORE: A Guidebook For Sensitives, Empaths And Introverts To Find And/Or Create The Work You Were Born To Do

August 1, 2011

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Hey, wanna see more sweetness in the world? Help me bring it!

June 21, 2011

Update:  The Quantum Creativity Radio Show is one of my online favorites.  Co-hosts Cezarina Trone and Santari Green interviewed me on June 28th, 2011 to discuss THE BULLY BOOK.  It’s thirty minutes, and was loads of fun. LISTEN HERE. 

Hay House is one of the world’s largest publishers of New Thought and Self-Help material.  Earlier this year I went on a cruise with them, essentially, so I could gain entrance into their publishing contest.  The deadline, for which, is June 28th — by which time I’ll have submitted my proposal to Reid Tracy and Cheryl Richardson.  The book I am proposing is:

A Peace Manual to Move Human Hearts
From A Culture of Cruelty

to an Era of Empathy

The premise is simple.  And surprising.

What do you think of when you hear the word ‘bully’?  Probably a long list of bad, unfavorable adjectives, right?  Things like:  antagonizer, browbeater, coercer, intimidator, oppressor, persecutor, tormenter.

A bully is a person who hurts, persecutes, or intimidates weaker people.

Regardless of your age or station in life, I’m pretty sure you know someone like this.  Maybe even a lot of someones.  Which shouldn’t be surprising as our current culture practically prepares you to be a cruel competitor very capable of taunting and general meanness.  The widely held belief is that cruelty is normal — just a part of our human nature.  Aren’t you tired of this lame cop-out?  I sure am.

Here’s my twist.  Ready?  To be twisted?

The word ‘bully’ originally meant “sweetheart.”  Derived from “lover, brother.”  But the word, like the culture, deteriorated.  Dropping to “harasser of the weak” in just a few centuries.
So what I’m talking about is restoring and reviving the real meaning of that word — bully.  And as we do, we will restore and revive the real meaning of ourselves.  We’ll put to sleep the trivial excuses we’ve used to protect our lower behaviors. As we restore that word, we will fully awaken and activate all that we are capable of.  Which is love — the zenith human achievement.  And in which, we are doing rather poorly (from a collective standpoint).  But I really believe this book can help us find our way back to our sweet, original essence.  If you are…
  • …a visionary who fantasizes about a kinder, gentler society;
  • …a student who is enduring bullying at school;
  • …an employee who is enduring bullying at work;
  • …a lover who is enduring bullying in your relationship;
  • …a citizen who is enduring bullying by their government;
  • …a parent or educator concerned that your child or students are involved with bullying; or
  • …a bystander who accidentally grew tolerant of abuse in any form, but now wants to change that.

then this book is for you. I’m writing it as a provocative conversation-starter that asks, “What would it look like if we stopped expecting cruelty from ourselves and others?”  “What if we allowed the evolution of our soul, that wants to show us how to feel safe at all times without the need for violence?”  “What if we became more verbal and visible about our ideals, rather than passive and quiet?”

“The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil,
but because of those who look on and do nothing.” (Albert Einstein)

Please don’t lurk and leave.  Please do something:

  1. Please share this post; and
  2. Leave a comment below, letting Hay House know why you think the world is ready for this book and message.  Thank you for your help!

Is there an empath in the house? Well, yes there is. (The hanging of a shingle.)

March 27, 2011

Like Star Trek’s ship counselor, Deanna Troi in the video above, I have been providing empathic care and presence for, literally, all my life.  Skillfully, the past ten years.

I have claimed and developed my clairsentience, connected my dots, and this is what they look like all put together:  I am here to cultivate deeper and more empathic connections among all of life. My long-time efforts, interests and investments have been devoted to this purpose, and are now creating:

  • An empathic consultation + communication service: (Please share with others!)
  • A mashup of all my research, client-work and deep-sensory insights.
  • A monthly column in Mindful Metropolis: “Diversity in Green.” (I am not the Queen of Green, but I am the Queen of Hearts.  And who can’t use more heart?)
  • A co-drafting of a petition for the United Nations to designate October 2nd “World Empathy and Compassion Day” (Thanks to Edwin Rutsch for the invitation to do so!)

So, this is where my wandering and wondering has led me thus far.  I like it.  And there’s so much more brewing… I mean big, tasty alchemical delights!  Stay tuned by “Liking” the Empathic Writer Facebook Page.  Add your voice and vision, and co-create a more empathic culture with us!

With heartfelt love,
Erika ♥

Has listening gone the way of the dessert fork?

October 25, 2010

Is it something we pull out on special occasions, but don’t really bother with for everyday use?

It often feels like that.  Undivided attention is handled like an exotic resource not to be wasted on regular life.  We have become such extreme multi-taskers… always with some sort of stimulating screen in front of us.  How can an earnest heart compete with that?

I’ve mentioned before here and here my belief that lavish listening is a simple way to improve a person’s mood (both speaker and listener), and it can set loose a vision like nobody’s business.  People sound surprised (or confused?) when they ask me what my weekly talk show is about and I say, “the practice of deep listening.”

But there are some to whom it doesn’t sound strange at all.  Last Friday, I was thrilled to get calls from others who see the value of cultivating deeper communication — with self, Creator, each other and all of Nature.

If you haven’t yet listened,
please do so by  *CLICKING HERE*.

High: The guided meditation that starts at 17-minutes.  (Some have said it’s a tear-jerker.)

Low: My connection was dropped about 32-minutes into the show, and a caller was left hanging on-air and in-limbo for a minute or two until I could reconnect.  But how fortunate for me that this caller was familiar with the technological quirks of BlogTalkRadio/Skype, and she graciously waited.  Her name is Lisa Dollar, and she’s up to beautiful work in the world.

Empathic Revolution – Episode #2

May 4, 2010

Have you ever tried to shake hands with someone who gave you, in return, a weak, limp palm?  Like they couldn’t really be bothered with the effort it would take to flex their finger muscles strongly enough to give you a real grip?

This blog is an effort to shake your hand.

Please, flex your finger-muscles strongly enough to:

  • leave a comment below (hellooo, I’m tryin’ to build an interactive community, here);
  • subscribe to this blog (so you can know the very next time Mama Inspiration hits me — check the right sidebar, under “STAY CONNECTED”); or
  • subscribe to My YouTube Channel (although if you subscribe to this blog, you’re already covered).

Did you know that strong hand-shakes are often preludes to hugs?  And who couldn’t use a few more hugs?

Empathic Revolution – Episode #1

April 22, 2010

The first three stages of visionary creation.

An Introvert’s Guide to Networking

March 22, 2010

Are you are on LinkedIn?  (I remember when that question made my skin crawl).  If you are, and if you’re a member of the SpeakerMatch group, then you can access this thread which is where this mini-guide (unknowingly) got its start.

It began with an observation (well, more like a gripe) I’d made about the speaking industry showing a bias toward extroverted speakers.

As an introvert who aspires to speak professionally, I wanted to explore the intersection of introverts and public speaking.  A rich and interesting discussion got going.  I learned a lot.

Then I asked a new question, about introverts and networking.  What’s the best way to do it?  What are tips or helpful ideas?  I posted the question from the hotel room of a large conference center in DC.  I was attending a multi-day seminar with lots of opportunities to connect.  I wanted to make the most of it, enjoyably.  So I asked for help, and I got it.

I’m so grateful to the very generous people listed at the end of this post who shared their wisdom.  The insights and advice they offered helped me recognize a natural, simple, authentic 3-step approach to networking that feels good and is effective, too:

Step 1: Acting – This is playful, harmless imagining — acting “as if” you are among warm friends who accept and adore you completely.  Pretend/assume everyone you meet is out to bless you.  Inverting suspicion and cynicism warms you up from the inside, and makes you really attractive without you even saying a word.

Step 2: Being – As you imagine everyone around you to be kind benefactors, you feel the personal freedom and power to be yourself — fully, completely you.  There is never a good reason or excuse to hide who you really are.  If you are soft-spoken, and you flourish better with focused one-on-one conversations, rather than scattered multiple conversations (as I learned about myself), accept and include that aspect of yourself.  Being real attracts your resonant people, and repels your less harmonious ones.

Step 3: Connecting – The point of it all.  When you feel a spark of Possibility, Curiosity or Inspiration, the person you’re talking to is a keeper.  Personally, I prize quality over quantity.  Collecting contacts I won’t nurture isn’t time or energy well spent.  I talked to many, but realistically “kept” few.  It made my connections feel manageable, which makes me more inclined to actively do something with them.

Are you an introvert who has discovered ways to enjoy networking and make it feel natural and suitable to your temperament? Are you still fumbling a little? Please share in the comments below. Group-thinking really can improve and expand your thoughts about challenging situations.

Sending thanks to these very helpful people:

Warning: The comments start off with a little zest and zeal,
but don’t be alarmed — it all works out beautifully in the end.  :-)

I’m coming out! The purple lips edition.

February 6, 2010

This is a follow-up to my turtle-post about sticking your neck out.

I am a communicator.  I love words.  And lots of times, they love me, too.

One kind of communication (writing) is a lot less scary than another kind (speaking).  You may have heard the statistic that public speaking is ranked as people’s #1 fear?  Even trumping death.

You know what scares me even more than public speaking and death?

Knowing what I want, and not reaching for it.  With gusto.  (What, exactly, am I waiting for?)  Malcolm S. Forbes said:

“The biggest mistake people make in life
is not trying to make a living at doing what they most enjoy.”

I agree.  Hence this coming out announcement.  With a request.

  1. The announcement:  I want to be a professional (as in paid) speaker.
  2. The request:  See those big, purple lips on the upper right-side of your screen?  Click ’em! And if you know of anyone who might be interested in what I’m up to, share that link with them, please.  Or direct them to this site.

Your help is so appreciated!  This turtle thanks you ;-)

Sensitives, how do you “flip” a negative label?

January 15, 2010

“Don’t be so sensitive.”

If you are an HSP, that statement is probably one of the most self-negating things you can possibly hear.  And I bet you hear it a lot more than you’d care to.  Seeing how we live in a largely insensitive world.

That being the case, the S-word has taken on a lot of misplaced baggage.  It’s been wrongly associated with undesirable terms like “weak” and “incapable.”  So we’ve got some cleaning and clarifying to do.  Some straightening of the social records that have become quite a mess, and that keep a “virtue” mistakenly classified as a “flaw.”

Q:  What’s one way we can remove the pejorative sting from a word that describes our very core?

A:  With a full embrace and radical re-claiming of the S-word.

Things like “rights” and “recognition” rarely float into the laps of those who deserve them.  Usually they have to be insisted upon.  This is what many sensitive writers and coaches — like Elaine Aron, Jenna Avery, Douglas Eby, Thomas Eldridge, Jenna Forrest, Jim Hallowes, Cliff Harwin, Barrie Jaeger, Grace KerinaMarti Olsen Laney, Peter MesserschmidtRose Rosetree, Michael Smith, Jacquelyn Strickland, Tribe, Ane Weed, and Ted Zeff — have been working toward.

I’ve joined them, and have spent the past year working to leverage the neurological trait of high sensitivity.  For the 20% of the world’s population who are born with this genetic trait, nerve-based sensitivity is still amazingly under-recognized and under-discussed.

So maybe we can start leaving bread-crumbs?  The evangelical kind.  Maybe we can create a lil’ cultural intrigue, and get conversations started.  The unapologetic kind.  About who you are.  And how you are.  Your presence makes the world a more enjoyable place to be in.  Why not come clean about how you do that?  How you bring forth those calm, healing, creative, compassionate, insightful, intuitive, delicate, refined, inventive, empathic qualities wherever you go.

Do you like the stamp above, or the mugs below?  Just click on the image you like, and you’ll be taken to its purchase page.  (Look for the gold “Add to Cart” button.)

An Invitation for Six Sensitives Ready To Live In More Power Than Ever Before

January 2, 2010

Yogi Bhajan said that women are 16 times stronger than men…

…but that our self-esteem is 16 times weaker.

The idea of that is interesting to me.  And is also relevant to Sensitives whose very presence can transform a harsh reality into one more beautiful and peace-filled.  But we often lack the decisive will to do so.

Too often, we seek permission outside of ourselves to shine at our brightest levels.  To radiate our luminous strength just because the expression of that strength looks and feels different from the majority.  But it is that (sensitively-informed) difference that the world thirsts for.  It is that (sensitively-empowered) difference that we are equipped to bring forth like no one else can do.

Those of us who live with heightened awareness, perception and sensitivity are just two steps away from living lives of purpose, power and ecstasy:

  1. Master the various aspects and opportunities that accompany our sensitivity; and
  2. Direct that power to our benefit, and to the benefit of something beyond ourselves.

On Friday, January 15th, 2010 Santari Green and I will open a gateway for six Sensitives ready to access and activate this splendid way of living.

Click here for all the details about this transformative teleclass series.

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