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How to get a perfect answer to any question you may have.

November 19, 2011

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The human heart is much more than a reliable pump. That is a basic function, without which we couldn’t live, but there is a higher function of the human heart that is also life-sustaining:  that is to guide you to the Sweet Spot of your life, health, work and relationships.

Modern life creates a lot of noise, distraction and illusion, and a fierce and resolute intent is required to quiet yourself and still yourself enough to learn from your Heart Wisdom.

Try now.  Collect all of your attention from the various scattered, driftings… call all of the pieces and particles of your attention… call them all back home to you.  Close your eyes.  Point your focus, like a beam, to the center of your chest, where it dips in the most.  Allow your focus to turn warm.  Add a color to it, if you like.  Accept the possibility that the very wisest being you will ever know lives right there, at that now warmly lit spot.  Let it speak.  Let it show, lead and guide.  Trust what it offers.

Heart-Knowings are clear.  They do not create confusion or fear.  Heart-Knowings add clarity, courage and freshness wherever and whenever you need it.  They come as a directional feeling, prompt, impulse or spark.  A Heart-Knowing removes burden, even when the guidance you receive calls for you to do something difficult.  Your Heart-Knowings may not be understood by others, but they require no defense or approval.  They are strong in their own right, and they will make you strong in your own right, too.

This has been a very simple opening of your inner door, intended to add lightness to your outer life.  Walk through it often. Let’s meet together there from time to time.

All my love, Erika.

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