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Caramel, honeydew, silk and soft-lighting. Yeah.

January 18, 2012

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I enjoy writing love letters.  Here’s a quickie:

Hey Supernova.

Have I told you what a joy it is to be in close proximity of you?  To be next to the kindling fire at the core of your burning being?  To catch light from the brightness you so naturally cast off?  To catch warmth from the heat that your passion generates?  I am blessed by your stardom.  Your true stardom.

So, that’s how I talk to people I care about.

One person recently asked me a question about it.  I think he may have mistaken it for empty flattery.  He called it “sweet talk.”  As if “sweet talk” is bad, or without value or authenticity.  He seemed suspicious of it.

I thought about that and asked, “Is bitter talk better?  Is bitter talk really the tone you prefer to hear?  Is it really the medium that supports your expansion and unfoldment?”


Why is rudeness so celebrated?  Why is indifference and snarkiness considered cool?  What is so cool about a rusted edge that cuts and slices?  What is cool about that?  Clearly, I’m not cool.  I prefer sweetness.  In my being.  In my giving.  In my receiving.  I’ll give and take it any day.

I dare you to speak in sweet superlatives.  I dare you to say out loud the kind, beautiful thought you have about the person in front of you — the person you live with, work for, supervise, commute beside, live next door to, Facebook-learn from…

Instead of thinking or noticing something wonderful about a person (which, by the way, cannot be heard or known by another), say it out loud.  Can you imagine how a day could shift if positive observations were actually verbalized?

Where did we learn that?  Where did we learn to silence our praise, and over-voice our complaints?  Oh, we’re quite vocal about what we don’t like, what we don’t want, how the customer service sucked, blah blah negative-blah.

But how often do we stop and say, “You hit it on the spot! And I thank you!”

That thing that went right?  I dare you to say it out loud, to the person who helped make it so.

Ingratitude dries up a fertile forest.

Happy Summer Solstice!

June 21, 2009

Today I made available my first ebook “You’ve Got Nerve! An Empowerment Toolkit for Highly Sensitive People”, and I also made my first hour-long audio.

I’m having so much fun, and thoroughly, totally, deeply enjoy serving Sensitives.

Rampage of Appreciation – Day 8

June 19, 2009

Because I’m putting the finishing touches on my Summer Solstice Celebration for Sensitives, this post is a quickie.  But don’t be fooled by the brevity.  It might be the most meaningful thanks I’ve given since I started this rampage a week ago.

I am thankful for Lena Salonikas.  She is a soul-friend who lives her truth.  And if you’re fortunate enough to have her in your life, then you get to benefit from her roaring, loving, truth-telling heart.

Truth.  A lot of folks can’t find it, let alone share it.  Thanks, again, Lena.  Love you.

Rampage of Appreciation – Day 7

June 18, 2009


A friend and his wife just got back from a two-week camper-vacation to the Great Plains (Yellowstone National Park, Mount Rushmore National Memorial, the Badlands National Park and Grand Teton National Park).  He’s still beaming from the energy that comes from being immersed in nature.  Sightings of grizzlies, geysers and…

…a tragic — though not fatal — accident.

My friend told me about an enthusiastic father who thought it would be cool to get a picture of his 5-year old son on the back of a wild bison.  A wild bison.  This 2,000+ pound wallowing creature does seem to move in super-slow motion, so the father probably thought he could move more quickly than it.  Anyway, he held his son up in the air to mount him on the bison’s neck.  The bison turned its head, and its horn penetrated the little boy’s stomach.  Again, the son survived.  And even though I knew neither of them, my heart ached for that family who certainly hadn’t planned for a stomach gouging during their vacation.

Soon after the empathy, though, I noticed a few judgmental thoughts.  Perhaps you did, too?  Judgments like “What the heck was that father thinking?”  Or maybe harsher?

Trust me, I’m not trying to be a goodie-goodie here.  But I was thankful for that quick moment that showed me so clearly how self-righteous judgments are created.  I am neither better, nor worse, than that father.  Everyone has suffered from unwise choices.  And everyone has benefited from Grace’s relief. 

This Sunday, Father’s Day, let’s send this Dad and his family some love-filled thoughts.

Rampage of Appreciation – Day 6

June 17, 2009

You know what I love about flash floods?  You can’t be serious in them.  Or, maybe I should say, I can’t be serious in them.  When being pelted by water, it causes an automatic sense of Release and Relaxation in me.  Whether I’m indoors taking a shower, or I’m outdoors being showered.

Like last evening, a few minutes after 5:00 pm, heavy water bullets shot everyone and everything in their path.  The only thing funnier than the uselessness of umbrellas in this windy storm, were the people who tried to fight it.

When getting drenched is inevitable, you may as well have fun getting drenched :-)

Rampage of Appreciation – Day 5

June 16, 2009


There is nothing luxurious or transcendent about traveling on Chicago Transit Authority’s public buses.  Unless, of course, you’re lucky enough to sit next to someone who is luxurious, or transcendent.

Today, I was lucky enough.

To say he was “a big guy” would be quite an understatement.  I’d guess he was at least 6’4″.  And immaculate.  His shoes and belt were glistening cranberry.  His charcoal slacks draped his looooong legs with razor-creases.  And his shirt… a crispy white linen with the most surprising silver-threaded detailing.

The embroidery was hypnotic.  The cataloguey picture above does NO justice to the trance-inducing needlework I’m talking about.

I looked at those silver fibers and saw the nimble fingers that had embedded them in that shirt.  I saw the person attached to those needle-working fingers… the family attached to that person… the neighborhood that houses that family… the city that houses that neighborhood… and on and on…

The whole world in a stitch.

What?  Don’t you have morning thoughts like that?  LOL.

I am thankful for all the artisans and hand-crafters all over the world.  The work that they do, and the beauty that they create is tedious.  Stunning.  And capable of transporting you much further than your local bus ever could :-)

Rampage of Appreciation – Day 3

June 14, 2009

Saturday I drove my Mom to Indiana to visit a close family member who’s in the hospital.  My uncle is getting stronger and is in good spirits.  Yay!  And on our way back to Chicago from Hobart, we passed a fresh strawberry stand!  I got a big ‘ol bucket of sweet, juicy strawberries for $10.  (Johnson’s Farm also has strawberry-picking days.)

I feel like Bubba Gump… only with strawberries instead of shrimp…

Strawberry sorbet… mead… preserves… smoothies… dipped in chocolate… lemonade… shortcake… and just plain, and chilled and popped in my mouth whole.

So simple and fuss-free.  If peace could be eaten, I’m pretty sure it would taste like strawberry :-)

What food brings you a positive state of mind?

Rampage of Appreciation – Day 2

June 14, 2009

Friday night my boyfriend brought home Clint Eastwood’s “Gran Torino.”  Besides loving old muscle-cars, I’m a sucker for storylines with transformed characters.  And Clint was, indeed, transformed… from a racist Archie Bunker to a self-sacrificing Christ.

I am thankful for anything that reminds me of how capable we are of being love.  This movie reminded me.

What movie are you thankful for right now?

Rampage of Appreciation – Day 1

June 12, 2009


My precious Grandma was born on June 9th.  Even though she’s not in this physical dimension anymore, I pause to remember her birthday and revel in very fond thoughts about her.  As she’s been especially strong on my mind these last few days, I’m not surprised I’ve been hearing her caramel-voice remind me to, “Count your blessings, Dear.”

And because my energy is not at all pastel, but fiery, I really resonate with Abraham-Hick’s reference to gratitude as a Rampage of Appreciation.”

Whatever you want to call it, it’s time for me to start giving daily thanks.  With words.  As a joyful and regular practice.  Here are three of my thankies from yesterday:

  1. Honey Oat Bread.  When I get a sandwich from Subway I always get it on their Italian Herbs & Cheese bread.  Well, I should say, “used to always get…” because yesterday I tried Honey Oat instead, and I reached new heights in sandwich-sensuality.  Talk about mouth-water :-)  The Honey Oat bread is so soft and sweet… it blended perfectly with the spiciness of the banana-peppers, and I felt such deep enjoyment and pleasure as I ate.
  2. Bright and early yesterday morning, the 5th grade daughter of one of my girlfriends sent me an email.  In all pink.  With lots of enthusiasm! and innocence.  For no reason other than to make sure we were staying in touch.  So thoughtful.  And smile-provoking.
  3. My multidimensional awareness keeps opening wider and fuller.  Taking in light, and giving back fragrance.  I love being in Life’s Garden with you, friend.

What are you thankful for?

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