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Happy trails to you. Until we meet again.

March 29, 2012

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When I worked as a seasonal park ranger and, literally, bushwhacked my way through thick North Carolina woods, I learned that trails:

  • are created with choice + sweat;
  • curve — (at least the interesting ones do); and
  • end by opening to a new direction.

Well, that’s what’s happening here and now.  Choosing.  Sweating.  Curving.  Ending.  Opening.

Join me at where I’m opening to my new direction, which is a single-focused certainty that empathy will shift + lift culture to something that actually resembles sanity.

MONEY, MEANING and MORE: A Guidebook For Sensitives, Empaths And Introverts To Find And/Or Create The Work You Were Born To Do

August 1, 2011

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Hey, wanna see more sweetness in the world? Help me bring it!

June 21, 2011

Update:  The Quantum Creativity Radio Show is one of my online favorites.  Co-hosts Cezarina Trone and Santari Green interviewed me on June 28th, 2011 to discuss THE BULLY BOOK.  It’s thirty minutes, and was loads of fun. LISTEN HERE. 

Hay House is one of the world’s largest publishers of New Thought and Self-Help material.  Earlier this year I went on a cruise with them, essentially, so I could gain entrance into their publishing contest.  The deadline, for which, is June 28th — by which time I’ll have submitted my proposal to Reid Tracy and Cheryl Richardson.  The book I am proposing is:

A Peace Manual to Move Human Hearts
From A Culture of Cruelty

to an Era of Empathy

The premise is simple.  And surprising.

What do you think of when you hear the word ‘bully’?  Probably a long list of bad, unfavorable adjectives, right?  Things like:  antagonizer, browbeater, coercer, intimidator, oppressor, persecutor, tormenter.

A bully is a person who hurts, persecutes, or intimidates weaker people.

Regardless of your age or station in life, I’m pretty sure you know someone like this.  Maybe even a lot of someones.  Which shouldn’t be surprising as our current culture practically prepares you to be a cruel competitor very capable of taunting and general meanness.  The widely held belief is that cruelty is normal — just a part of our human nature.  Aren’t you tired of this lame cop-out?  I sure am.

Here’s my twist.  Ready?  To be twisted?

The word ‘bully’ originally meant “sweetheart.”  Derived from “lover, brother.”  But the word, like the culture, deteriorated.  Dropping to “harasser of the weak” in just a few centuries.
So what I’m talking about is restoring and reviving the real meaning of that word — bully.  And as we do, we will restore and revive the real meaning of ourselves.  We’ll put to sleep the trivial excuses we’ve used to protect our lower behaviors. As we restore that word, we will fully awaken and activate all that we are capable of.  Which is love — the zenith human achievement.  And in which, we are doing rather poorly (from a collective standpoint).  But I really believe this book can help us find our way back to our sweet, original essence.  If you are…
  • …a visionary who fantasizes about a kinder, gentler society;
  • …a student who is enduring bullying at school;
  • …an employee who is enduring bullying at work;
  • …a lover who is enduring bullying in your relationship;
  • …a citizen who is enduring bullying by their government;
  • …a parent or educator concerned that your child or students are involved with bullying; or
  • …a bystander who accidentally grew tolerant of abuse in any form, but now wants to change that.

then this book is for you. I’m writing it as a provocative conversation-starter that asks, “What would it look like if we stopped expecting cruelty from ourselves and others?”  “What if we allowed the evolution of our soul, that wants to show us how to feel safe at all times without the need for violence?”  “What if we became more verbal and visible about our ideals, rather than passive and quiet?”

“The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil,
but because of those who look on and do nothing.” (Albert Einstein)

Please don’t lurk and leave.  Please do something:

  1. Please share this post; and
  2. Leave a comment below, letting Hay House know why you think the world is ready for this book and message.  Thank you for your help!

Is there an empath in the house? Well, yes there is. (The hanging of a shingle.)

March 27, 2011

Like Star Trek’s ship counselor, Deanna Troi in the video above, I have been providing empathic care and presence for, literally, all my life.  Skillfully, the past ten years.

I have claimed and developed my clairsentience, connected my dots, and this is what they look like all put together:  I am here to cultivate deeper and more empathic connections among all of life. My long-time efforts, interests and investments have been devoted to this purpose, and are now creating:

  • An empathic consultation + communication service: (Please share with others!)
  • A mashup of all my research, client-work and deep-sensory insights.
  • A monthly column in Mindful Metropolis: “Diversity in Green.” (I am not the Queen of Green, but I am the Queen of Hearts.  And who can’t use more heart?)
  • A co-drafting of a petition for the United Nations to designate October 2nd “World Empathy and Compassion Day” (Thanks to Edwin Rutsch for the invitation to do so!)

So, this is where my wandering and wondering has led me thus far.  I like it.  And there’s so much more brewing… I mean big, tasty alchemical delights!  Stay tuned by “Liking” the Empathic Writer Facebook Page.  Add your voice and vision, and co-create a more empathic culture with us!

With heartfelt love,
Erika ♥

Empathic Revolution – Episode #3

June 7, 2010

Rampage of Appreciation – Day 4

June 15, 2009

There is a wonderful surprise at the end of this video.

I would have embedded it right here for you, but Virgin Records won’t permit it.  It really is worth taking the time to click-and-watchEmpaths, HSPs and all other Sensitives will get an automatic, intuitive download just by watching.  It’s the easiest epiphany you will ever get this lifetime.  I realize that’s a strong recommendation, but the effect of this video is really what’s strong.

In a little over five minutes, you will be reminded of your magnetism… and your power!

I am very thankful for this reminder, and I love that not one word was needed.  The lesson/message/wisdom is communicated on a far deeper level… that transcends the over-analyzing, easily-confused, linguistic mind.  So refreshing.

And inspiring.

It expanded my sense of how Creative Vision and Music can be a Power-Tool in evolving consciousness.

How does the video affect you?  Did watching it give you any new ideas?

What if everyone cared?

March 7, 2009

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