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A New Year’s Opening To Allure

December 30, 2011

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For 2012, let’s do something a lil’ different.  Let’s replace force and fatigue, with nectar and color.  Let’s be honeysuckle-smart, and attract our pollinators with sweet scent and eye-catching color.

Allure.  Can you sense how different it feels from traditional goal-setting?  Allure is the power to attract.  Wouldn’t  you agree that flowers have mastered the art of attraction?

Their existence depends on a reproductive process that’s entirely out of their control.  The only thing they can do is be.  Yes, we are much more complex than a lily… but the lily is an unmatched teacher in getting sublime results, without all the effort and stress our “sophistication” so often calls for.

Choose one or two things that, if established, would totally impregnate your life with bouncing joy.  If it’s daring and big, let it be.  If it’s docile and tiny, let it be.  And, let it talk.  Listen to what your Deep Desire has to say.  Ask it to describe itself to you.  What is the experience or feeling it wants to give you?  Books, screenplays and songs want to be written to give the experience of self-expression.  Physical bodies want to be fit and firm to give the experience of feeling and looking good.  Money wants to be earned to give the experience of security and generosity.  Hearts want to be shared to give the experience of loving connection.

You get the point.  The thing you most long for comes with a high and pure reason for your wanting it.  Concentrate on both the What and the Why.  Hold it fondly inside of you while watching this one-minute video.

As you watch, water your Deep Desire with these words:

Open, open, open.

We open to give our pollen grains,
trusting that they will be carried to a fertile host.

We also open to receive the pollen grains of another,
allowing ourselves to be that fertile host.

As multi-dimensional beings,
we accept our varied roles and functions:

sometimes as a male seed of strong vision;

sometimes as a female egg of dynamic potential; and

sometimes as a mobile agent that carries and deposits Life;

always in need of each other.

Flourishing is a collaboration.

For this reason — and unto each other —
we surrender, we uncoil, we unfold.

Anais Nin said, “And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”  TODAY IS THAT DAY, BELOVED.

Do you need a caring and intelligent witness
for your alluring dream or project?

Do you want support for your brave decision
to rely on the integrity, strength, ability and surety
of your gifts to fragrance the world around you?

You are enough.  More than enough.  Right now.
I’d be honored to assure you of this, and help you
yield your desired fruit in this pivotal new year.

CLICK HERE to learn how I serve.

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Some thoughts on breaking open.

October 10, 2010


“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud
was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”
(Anais Nin)


I recently started a new work that is a dream come true.  But blossomed dreams do come with a price!

As an introverted empath with sensory-processing sensitivity, hosting a daily one-hour talk show hardly seems like an ideal fit for a slower-moving, deep-thinking Innie like me.

But what if the show is about spirituality?

Well, that topic is right up my alley.  But my crazy-long attention span, and my tireless curiosity about life’s Bigger Questions can translate into long, self-indulgent gibberish.  That is not good talk radio!  I certainly was not created with all this Passion and Fire inside of me to bore people.  But I’m not an entertainer, either.

Hmmm…  I’ve got the heart for this work.  Let’s hope the rest of me can catch up.

So, the days ahead seem to be about me learning some basic skills, like how to be an engaging and well-rounded conversationalist; as well as advanced skills like honoring my Essence while releasing the parts that block Light.

Oh.  And I need to learn how to write shorter sentences, too :-)

Would you help me create fun, loving, meaningful conversations about what spiritually activated women can accomplish? CALL ME —> @ Noon Central, Monday through Friday: 347-855-8506.  (If you can’t listen live, you can always catch the archives, and my post-show blog posts here.)

The hard part about breaking open is that you break.
The gorgeous part about breaking open is that you open.

P.S. Learning and flubbing in public is not easy.  I’m so grateful to have the most amazing, loving and supportive people in my rich life, including:  Andrea, April, Aunty, Bethany, Bev, Bob, Brenda, Cindy, Cynamon, Deidre, Eslie, FaceBook Friends, Grace, Heather, HSP Chicago MeetUp, Jacquelyn, Jane, Jia, Kimberly, Leah, Lynne, Margaret, Martha Ann, Molly, MOM!, Nancy, Prayables Family, Rada, Sean, Stephanie, Stephon, Susan, Syndi, Tanya.  I adore you each, and am a better Being because of you!

Above all, I am completely, foolishly, recklessly surrendered into the Sculpting Hands of my Creator, who has showered me in more Love than I can hardly stand.  I unfold for, and because of, You.

Sometimes, reading other peoples’ mail is interesting.

February 25, 2009

I made a new online friend.  I’ll call him Ross (because his Mother never did).

We had an exchange I want to share here because I think the subject affects a lot of people.  What do you think?


Hi Erika,

I was thinking about what you wrote me earlier in the week on the forum. “You are majestic, Ross. Puppetry is not. Free yourself from self-imposed pressures that will always exhaust and betray you. You imposed them. You can cancel them.”

The big question is How?


Hi Ross,

Q: How?

A:  Decide you’re going to be independent of anyone’s approval.  Expect that people (family and lovers included) will usually not grasp your depth and breadth. And because of their lack of capacity, it might feel like they’re rejecting or disapproving of you.  They probably aren’t.  But even if they are, so what.  Mediocrity is incredibly comfortable to most. And those of us who are inclined toward any form of extremism (i.e. emotional, creative, expressive, etc.) are almost always told to be less.  Shrink.  Dim.

The worst interpersonal tragedy that can ever happen between two people is when one person (implicitly) says to another, “Please minimize yourself to accommodate my smallness.” Huh?  Never!

Decide to be you.  Fully you.  In all of your wonderful largesse.  Never be apologetic about your greatness.  (Not even to a therapist who may very well suffer from an impoverished self-esteem themself.) Be prepared for those with brittle hearts and anemic minds to get really irritated by your audacity to be The Real Grand Ross Who Unconditionally Accepts Himself And Expects Those In His Life To Do The Same.

Whenever you feel that “pressure” to eclipse your light, HONOR YOURSELF above the company you’re with.  Every time.  This is not selfish.  This is sanity.

How can anyone befriend another by betraying themselves?  Befriend yourself first, and you’ll become the most magnetic friend-attractor.  And these people will be drawn to the real you :-)

Two power-quotes from women I love:

* “The question isn’t who is going to let me; it’s who is going to stop me.” -Ayn Rand

* “I disregard the proportions, the measures, the tempo of the ordinary world. I refuse to live in the ordinary world as ordinary women. To enter ordinary relationships. I want ecstasy. I am a neurotic – in the sense that I live in my world. I will not adjust myself to the world. I am adjusted to myself.” –Anais Nin

Hope this helps,

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