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“There is no greater agony
than bearing an untold story inside you.”

Dr. Maya Angelou

I thought I was going to pop.  Like a volcano, a crack of thunder, or some other force of nature.  This ‘story’ was a relatively small life event, but because it had never had air or light, it was beginning to create havoc inside me.  My need wasn’t therapeutic or medicinal.  It was soulful.  I simply needed access to someone with a big capacity to Be and to See; to Hear and to Hold — to listen so lavishly about this thing that had happened, that the decades of neglect and avoidance would get sopped up in loving attention.  Can you relate?  Have you ever felt this way?

Extreme listening is not a typical strength in our culture.  The combination of presence, empathy, non-judgement and gentle provocation to wholeness is hard to find.  Nearly everyone has something to say, but not nearly as many know how to play receiver.

My own yearning to experience safe,
depth connection with another
fueled my decision to offer it…
simply and affordably.

What it is.

Lavish Listening is a transformational space I create that adapts itself to be whatever you need at and in that moment.  It is an inspired experience that presented itself to me long ago, and I developed it with this creative process.  It is me pointing  my full presence, warmth, wisdom and curiosity at your Featured Event — the untold story nagging to now be told.  Here are the foundational beliefs I bring to our connection:

  1. I presume your giftedness. I can’t help but have this certainty about you.
  2. Your transformation doesn’t require the blessing, permission or approval of anyone else. It is always accessible to you.  Always, and without exception.  Sometimes, a midwife helps.
  3. The thing you want to *see* happen, is the thing you were put here to *make* happen.
  4. Profound courtesy and thorough hospitality can heal and transform old wounds.
  5. Children are not the only ones who bloom from being witnessed.  Grown folks need it, too.
  6. Your pain is often your pearl.  The second phase of this work helps you find the gift buried in your story’s grief.  Sometimes the gift is an insight that will sustain you through life, sometimes it has the potential to be a small business or creative offering to the world.  Whatever you choose to do with it, there is stunning usefulness to be found.  I provide as much or as little feedback as you wish.

What it is not.

It is neither therapy nor coaching.  Lavish Listening is focused and deliberate Beingness — yours and mine.  And because our Beingness is so vast, our time together does not draw from mechanics, models or measurements.  Instead, it draws from Heart, Essence and Source.  I have soft structures at-hand, to optimize our time, but this is care couture… highly customizable in honor of your unique background, and exciting foreground.

How it works.

By phone.  You and me in a quiet, uninterruptible space.  You prepare for the 60-minute call by readying yourself to tell The Thing that will free you.  You trust that you know what that Featured Event is.  You do not over-complicate or over-analyze.  If it’s creating recurring pressure inside you, it’s a wiggly-worry that can be soothed by being spoken.

I prepare for our call by readying myself to be a blank canvas on which you scribble or scream, paint or pant.  I direct my empathy toward the highest transmutation of  your story, and you.

If you are anxious, shy or slow to warm-up, I will help you loosen your words.  If you are explosive, combustible or ready to pop (like I was), I will make room for your hot largesse, and will not leave you alone in it.

What it costs.  How to start.

$60.00 USD per hour via PayPal.  Sometimes an hour is enough.  Sometimes follow-up calls are desired.  But it starts with your first telling.  Start the process by emailing: lifeblazing at gmail dot com.  We’ll get you scheduled, soothed and soaring.

Love is listening.

Your story receiver,

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