About Erika Harris

Word Activist.  Healing Communicator.

My personal mission is to stimulate greater empathy for Earth, and all its inhabitants.  I promote Empathic Leadership, Heart-Based Living and Evolutionary Business.  As an empowered empath in love with language, I align words to help you:

  • unleash clarity;
  • stimulate generosity;
  • arouse curiosity;
  • open new mindscapes;
  • compel an eager donation or purchase;
  • feel understood and soul-embraced.

I’m equally in love with silence, and all that it can do.  A sacred space infused with love, intelligence, intuition and undivided attention can reconnect you to your Source.  Which is where everything else is.

Words create.  Long ago I committed to string my words together to create bridges, runways and launching pads.  From wooded retreat centers to sky-scraping conference rooms, I deliver messages that impart insight, transformation and success.  Whether companioning with a client 1:1, hosting a group of 5-25, or incubating business ideas for an entrepreneurial client, I use words to shift and lift my Earth family.

I help visionary people with:

  • Sacred witnessing of stories ready to be expressed.
  • Catalytic conversations that help you get clear and right with yourself, so you can be clear and right with others.
  • Honoring your life’s initiations into mystery, intimacy, parenthood, loss, advancement, career change, retirement, relocation, etc.

I help visionary organizations with:

  • Creative brainstorming for the next evolutionary steps in your organization’s mission.
  • Conscious copy for the launch or update of a product, service or campaign.
  • Workplace morale-infusion (via customized team-building and bridge-building).

I am often asked…

“…what, exactly, does an Empathic Consultant-Communicator do?”  Some instantly get it — viscerally.  But most kinda scratch their head… intrigued, but baffled.Because I am an edge-walking business, providing services that are several steps into the New Paradigm, some examples might help.  I have been hired to:
  • transform interests into income;
  • reinvigorate writers, artists and healers;
  • generate money-making ideas for entrepreneurs;
  • midwife small-businesses, new career launches and deep integrations;
  • empower Highly Sensitive People, introverts and empaths to flourish in an often inhospitable culture;
  • listen to stories that have been held in silence an entire lifetime, because the storyteller was waiting for a special reception — a gala affair, befitting a god;
  • write dating profiles for relationship-seekers who wanted true, magnetic word-bios — love-calls from one’s higher-self;
  • write songs and letters of reconciliation for estranged loved ones;
  • co-write corporate vision statements, marital vows, menus and artists’ statements.
  • And a number of other non-standardized services.  I am a wild conglomeration of Oshun and Neytiri.  With a pen.  And a presence.  What I do depends on what you need.  I offer an empathic blend of companioning, writing, witnessing, guiding, infusing, wayshowing, galvanizing.  Ever forward.  I am committed to your highest good, and offer lived expertise in the creation of beauty, truth, harmony and plenty.

What others have said:

“I am in awe of your expression, your artistry with words. Every word strums another heart string, beats a deeper soul drum. It is absolutely amazing. You write and speak in the ‘Language of Remembering’. You are a catalyst of consciousness.” – Kimberley Jones – United Kingdom

“You are tuned into the need for soft safe places and spaces in this Earth and desirous that people move into courageous loving lives. I am challenged by your relentless efforts to explore the heart, soul and spirit of humanity.” – Sandra Vincent – Chicago, Illinois

“You have great alchemical energy, full of transforming fire of inspiration.”
Dennis William Hauck, Sacramento, CA

“It was your exquisite ability to be present that helped me move out of my fox hole. Spending time with you in that space with no boundaries helped bring definition to my dream. It was one of the wisest investments of my life.” – Nancy Grayson – Minneapolis, Minnesota

“As always, Erika, your mental byways intrigue and delight me. I love that you’re willing to put your prodigious intellect and artful articulation to work on my behalf. Thank you for your useful and expanding feedback. It’s holy!” – Grace Kerina – Gabriola Island, British Columbia

15 Responses to “About Erika Harris”

  1. Karyn Harris-Sudah Says:

    Dearest Little Sister Erika,

    I am so proud of you and your journey and your courage to share.

    Let’s finally get together and have that reunion….

    All my love,

    Karyn Renee

  2. Jim Dee Says:

    I loved, Loved, LOVED this essay, Erika! Each word resonated with me profoundly. I half-lived for many, many years… but no more!

    At the end, you wrote, “We don’t have to wait for a terminal diagnosis, or some other disaster, to give us permission to pursue and create the life we know we want to live. Give yourself permission. Right now.” I only wish more people (myself included) could understand this without having the big life-changing event. Fortunately, I’m still young enough (39) to make radical changes in my life and truly unfetter that internal flame that’s aching to wildly engulf my entire being. I can feel it growing daily now, and it’s a wonderful sensation.

    Have a great day!

    ps I’m “Rawdiant” on Twitter, and have now favorited TWO of your tweets!

  3. Diane Says:

    Dear Erika,
    I am experiencing a moment of stunned silence after reading your beautiful message.
    I feel, I know…that God just spoke to me, through you.
    You must publish this peaceful piece.
    Submit it to a magazine.
    I will print it out and carry it with me, to always remind myself..
    “Don’t you ever DARE to live half way”

    Thank you so very much for sharing your writing with the world.

  4. Melanie Says:

    Wow Erica… what amazing words. They have deeply moved me. I’m going to print this out and put it up in my artist studio. Truly inspiring !

  5. Vickie Elmer Says:

    Beautiful blog. Excellent ideas. Wonderful words. Thank you kindly.

  6. missmolly72 Says:

    “A day is Eternity’s seed, and we are its Gardeners.”

    Erika, this touched me on severely deep levels. Thank you. Thank you!

  7. Panda Says:

    Hello EH. this is Panda, the fellow from the bus a while ago i am glad that i received the chance to meet you because i can tell that you are quite an interesting person and a better thinker than most. Well maybe not better but you have viewed the world and seen more. I do hope to hear from you, because I think that you can offer me what i have wanted for so long but have not had in about 3 years; a great conversation.

    People don’t really do that anymore, converse that is. Now it is all facebook and twitter, im’s and text messages. We fool ourselves into thinking that we are really communicating through glowing screen and pixels but the truth is computers cause more isolation and less talking that anything.

    Sincerely Panda.

    P.S. Nice site.

  8. Melissa Goldsmith Says:

    Thank you for sharing your loving words on a level so deep that it is the size of my imagination’s Universe.

  9. Jeremy Fordham Says:

    Really inspirational, and a great blog you’ve got going!

    I was wondering if you accept guest posts? I’d love an opportunity to contribute an article for you. Please get in touch if you can!


    • Erika Harris Says:


      You’d be the first! Please email me at lifeblazing at gmail dot com, and let me know what topic/length you have in mind. Thanks for the request!


  10. Marci Says:

    How nice to find a fellow traveler!
    If you wish, you may find my similar journey at whitetraillanding at blogspot dot com

  11. Presence: Wholly Devoted to While We’re Here… // Presence Path Says:

    […] ~ Erika Harris ~ […]

  12. serfzer Says:

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