Caramel, honeydew, silk and soft-lighting. Yeah.

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I enjoy writing love letters.  Here’s a quickie:

Hey Supernova.

Have I told you what a joy it is to be in close proximity of you?  To be next to the kindling fire at the core of your burning being?  To catch light from the brightness you so naturally cast off?  To catch warmth from the heat that your passion generates?  I am blessed by your stardom.  Your true stardom.

So, that’s how I talk to people I care about.

One person recently asked me a question about it.  I think he may have mistaken it for empty flattery.  He called it “sweet talk.”  As if “sweet talk” is bad, or without value or authenticity.  He seemed suspicious of it.

I thought about that and asked, “Is bitter talk better?  Is bitter talk really the tone you prefer to hear?  Is it really the medium that supports your expansion and unfoldment?”


Why is rudeness so celebrated?  Why is indifference and snarkiness considered cool?  What is so cool about a rusted edge that cuts and slices?  What is cool about that?  Clearly, I’m not cool.  I prefer sweetness.  In my being.  In my giving.  In my receiving.  I’ll give and take it any day.

I dare you to speak in sweet superlatives.  I dare you to say out loud the kind, beautiful thought you have about the person in front of you — the person you live with, work for, supervise, commute beside, live next door to, Facebook-learn from…

Instead of thinking or noticing something wonderful about a person (which, by the way, cannot be heard or known by another), say it out loud.  Can you imagine how a day could shift if positive observations were actually verbalized?

Where did we learn that?  Where did we learn to silence our praise, and over-voice our complaints?  Oh, we’re quite vocal about what we don’t like, what we don’t want, how the customer service sucked, blah blah negative-blah.

But how often do we stop and say, “You hit it on the spot! And I thank you!”

That thing that went right?  I dare you to say it out loud, to the person who helped make it so.

Ingratitude dries up a fertile forest.


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8 Responses to “Caramel, honeydew, silk and soft-lighting. Yeah.”

  1. andrealyons Says:


    You hit it on the spot and I thank YOU!

    La la LOVE this post. So much of what we feed our minds can determine what comes out of our mouth. Sarcastic, harsh dialogue in… sarcastic, harsh dialogue out. Sweet Talk in… Sweet Talk out. In fact, you can Sweet Talk to me anytime darlin’!

    It’s so much fun to look a stranger in the eye and smile at the light shining within their soul. Or to take joy in a special accessory or vibrant color someone is wearing, or comment with delight on their unique expression in the world.

    Social media is the purrrfect place to enthusiastically spotlight someone’s delicious presence. Instead of posting a complaint, try posting a ‘wow – aren’t you just grand?!’

    Enhance someone today – it will bring you joy!

    With deep love and appreciation,


    • Erika Harris Says:

      Andrea, I love your examples! Your sparkly videos! And your hydrating online presence! ::taking sip of pure, cool water:: What a delight it’d be to share an elevator ride with you, or cross paths with you while out. Until that time, how purrrfect, indeed, to be connected with you online, Queen of bringing back desire ! ;-)

  2. Geoffrey Rosenberg Says:

    wow. Thats juicy!

  3. Grace Kerina Says:

    Dear Heavenly Erica,

    From the moment I met you and the moment you opened your mouth and talked, I was completely hooked on your unique, open-hearted, astonishing articulateness and energy. That you chose to aim all that talent in my direction for conversations and brainstorms and exchanges that made the top of my head lift off continues to be a treasured gift.

    You are one of the best examples I know of sweet-talking success.

    Thank you,
    (Your sister of the beach-fort.)

    • Erika Harris Says:

      Dearest Grace,

      You are such a generous reader, and your comments are gifts to heart, brain and soul. Truly. Thank you so much.

      Ahhh, the blessed island beach-fort, standing strong in memory no matter our current whereabouts. I’m so grateful for it, and you.

      With much love,

  4. 4aKinderWorld Says:


    Thank you for hitting the spot and reminding us of how VITAL sweetness is in the digestion of modern life! May gratitude and praise never cease to rain on your abundantly-fertile forest!

    With sincere appreciation and love,

  5. missmolly72 Says:

    Love this and you.

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