I see live people.

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“Look at me, Daddy!”  Mom, watch me!”  “Look at what I made!”

Kids are constantly asking for a witness.  It doesn’t take them many years to figure out how to get a lot of folks to affirm their bright and amazing existence. They are masters at gathering lush, orbital attention.

And as those children grow into adults, what happens to that soulful desire to be seen on the inside?  I’ve always got the sense that adults are expected to get over themselves, and realize exquisite, patient attention is reserved for those under fifteen.

Casting warm light on who you really are is such a courageous and mysterious act.  Like night-time hiking, it is pure discovery and bravery.  Lots of folks would rather avoid the frank admission that they want someone to see them and be genuinely amazed.  So, they seek lesser prizes.  Here are the four I see most often:

  • accepting a leak in your life that keeps you too sad and too tired to deal with root-stuff, so you keep wasting time and energy with symptom-stuff;
  • chasing social proof and flaky popularity at the expense of your authenticity;
  • addictive behaviors or substances that numb, sedate and intoxicate; and
  • obsessed collection of stuff and achievements.

These are not what we really want, so they are not going to really satisfy us on a soul level.  If you know that and still choose the facsimile, fine.  But treading water for a lifetime because you thought the false pursuit was the real thing, that is tragic.

Admit that what your soul wants is to be bathed in the warm, healing light of Love.  Admit that that is what you deeply want… from your work, your relationships, your possessions, your ambitions… you are really after a filling up that transcends all those things… you are really hankering to be exploded, and put back together again with lighter, faster parts!  Humpty Dumpty meets Lover-God.  And you can have that experience by honestly admitting you want that… that heat of Love Supreme that roasts your fears and hang-ups, and illumines your preciousness.  It is a Divine Encounter you seek.  A real experience of Eternity, Timelessness and Boundlessness.  Trinkets and drama can never provide enough altitude for anything truly interesting.  Your taste is changing, becoming more discerning.  Maybe you’ve been exploded, you’re being reassembled, and it hurts like hell.  I am here to help with that process.

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6 Responses to “I see live people.”

  1. Molly Says:

    Erika…I LOVE you for illuminating the things that my soul sees but is blind to. “Treading water for a lifetime” is what I have been doing and it’s so hard sometimes to see the rope that is there, or the branch that someone has held out to me. Thank you for holding that branch out for me to grasp.

    • Erika Harris Says:

      Treading? I’ve seen you take off this past year, Molly! But I appreciate that even when we’ve integrated quantum growth, there are always greater and deeper degrees of Love and Liberation we can become. Thanks, likewise, for holding the branch out for me. XO

  2. Nancy Grayson Says:

    To pass up reading anything Erika Harris writes is like saying no to a winning lottery ticket. Why would you do that? *Genius, life is the gift and Erika is a Master Flash Light that shines a light with laser focus on your Genius. We are here to help each other, all we have to do is accept the Gift. If you decide to have a session with her, all I can say is prepare for lift off – you’re on the launchpad of your Life.

    T minus 0 and counting…

    * I credit Dr. Joe Dispenza for personally autographing his book I bought “Evolve Your Brain” with the statement, “Genius, life is the gift.”

    • Erika Harris Says:

      Nancy, your launch will light the sky so brightly, I am already squinting. Your recognition of me is the most humbling thing ever. Deep, soulful thanks. XO

  3. sennayaswamy Says:

    People always live in the world for a cause and this cause makes us to move further

  4. See Live People Says:

    […] I see live people. « l i f e b l a z i n g . c o m I see live people By Erika Harris. (Prefer to listen instead? Click the player below.) “Look at me, Daddy!” Mom, watch me!” “Look at what I made!” Kids are constantly asking for a witness. It doesn't take them many […]

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