…there’s an entity out there with so many layers of raging benefits.

There are some things that are so appropriate and nourishing, they really should be done at all times.  Things like:

  • Giving thanks.
  • Giving gifts.
  • Creating great resolutions.
  • Being sweet and romantic.
  • Celebrating liberty and civil rights.
  • Being nice to your Mom, Dad, Partner, Boss, Secretary, etc.

But something about our nature likes to designate a single day to stuff like that.  Create a focal point, I guess.  A bright neon sign that says, “In commemoration of the vital person/thing that you are to me, I observe you. With my whole day!”  Maybe it’s not so much our human nature, as our commercial nature… that likes to create hoopla around which we can sell trinkets and cards and tokens of our love.  Tokens.  Hmmm.

Yesterday was a day like that.  It was Earth Day.  And I was aware of my awareness that it was Earth Day… in the same artificially imposed way that all of the officially declared days make me feel, which is: “Wow, a whole day for something I’m already devoted to!”  Fumbling redundancy.  But I get the point.  Reminders are good.

So, anyway. Yesterday on Earth Day, I meant to post this request for your support. It’s still just as relevant today.  If you are able, please donate.  Climate Cycle’s model is so sane, grounded and effective it actually makes you feel relieved and revived… just to know there’s an entity out there with so many layers of raging benefits.  Its founder, Joey Feinstein, so passionately embodies his vision, I was quickly converted from researcher/writer to participant. In more ways than one.  Please contribute to their prospering, so they can keep on funding solar installations and environmental solutions in Chicago public schools.

Thanks and love… every day,

P.S.  Here’s the link to the article I wrote about Climate Cycle.  Big thanks to Tim Winkler (Connector Extraordinaire) for introducing me to this awesome organization!


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