The other side of the cosmic hymen.

A few minutes ago, I walked through… a cosmic hymen.

Half of the people who care I’m alive are:

  • far, far left;
  • floating on Planet Possibility; and
  • deeply understand what a cosmic hymen is, and have probably already journaled about their piercing of it (as I am doing now).

The other half who care I’m alive are:

  • traditionalists of all kinds;
  • grounded, sometimes in cement shoes; and
  • may now be second-guessing their association with me.

There are a handful of others who fall in between, but I digress.

Back to the cosmic hymen.  It’s a thin, membrane-like curtain that divides life as we have recently known it, from that other Emergent Life we’ve felt bubbling to the top, but haven’t unanimously agreed what to call it.  You’ve heard many names, theories and speculations, and even though you have not settled on one… you know something is changing.  Big time.

Whatever you choose to call it (a name is just a door — a means of entry), walking on that side is different.  Everything is buoyant.  Until you want otherwise.  It is a place of instantaneous experience.  Similar to our current life, but with far, far fewer buffers and interveners.  Snap.  Instantly.  Experienced.

Which is why so much emphasis has been placed on how we use our minds and hearts, and how we spend our thoughts and feelings.  Willy-nilly mind poop brings forth that very same poop.  Actually.  Instantly.

So, those of us with greater degrees of mind poop (ego-check!) or humor (haha!) are on this side of the hymen.

Q: How do you know which side you’re on?

A: If you still relate to “sides,” then you’re on this side.  Because the other side, has no sides.

I think we get peeks of sidelessness to share the view, and forecast the experience.

What’s been your view?  Your experience?


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4 Responses to “The other side of the cosmic hymen.”

  1. Erika Harris Says:

    Any dual citizens who’ll admit to dimension-hopping?

  2. Says:

    The curtain is definitely swept aside for me … new life and change are there, still somewhat undefined but definitely there, emerging.

    The time between waiting and realising seems to have become so short … didn’t John Lennon call it Instant Karma?

    I’ve been wading in mind-poop for years, so it seems … it’s not always fragrant and it will be a pleasure to smell the roses … I’ve been waiting so long!

    • Erika Harris Says:

      JFP, you sound like a bamboo-sister!

      • Says:

        that’s so relevant for me, you have no idea! I moved to another country in 2005 and started a new life … it just feels as if I’m really emerging now, after some major enforced changes last year … “a bamboo sister” … love it … and thank you!


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