Be my soup. A call to sacred activists.

“From the heart of the Sacred Activist flows a golden ecstatic torrent of passion to change all things out of love for all things.” (Andrew Harvey)

Decades ago, my Creator asked:  Erika, will you be my soup?  For others… will you be:

  • nourishing (disciplined);
  • delicious (seasoned);
  • heated (purified); and
  • poured out (shared).

My answer to that sober question has always been, “YES!”  The execution has been imperfect (like me), but the answer has always been an impassioned, fiery, this-is-who-I-am “YES!”  And that is how it is for many sacred activists.  On a soul level, we sense a Call — an Unshakable Urge — to be of great and loving service to something larger than ourselves and our individual lives.  We tend to morph through various titles and roles while serving, but the steadying refrain is our desire to see a healthy and sane world, and our spiritually-fueled willingness to spend ourselves bringing that forth.  This is big work, not for the faint of heart.

“I don’t say follow your bliss; look where that has gotten us.  I say follow your heartbreak.”  (Andrew Harvey)

Hollywood won’t make many movies about this path.  And even a lot of spiritual circles poo-poo the idea of shared planetary responsibility, and fierce warriorship that looks pathology in its eye, and orders it to take a seat to Love and Wisdom.  Sacred activists are soft enough to weep for others, and strong enough to transform madness into soundness.  Before Andrew Harvey, I didn’t know what to call that intersection in my heart where my strong mystical orientation met with my strong sense of justice and planetary idealism.  Now I do:

“Sacred Activism I define as the marriage of the two noblest fires of the human soul: the fire of the mystic’s passion for God, with the fire of the activist’s passion for justice. When these two fires marry and fuse, a third fire — the fire of love and wisdom in radical action — is born, and it is with this fire I am convinced that we are going to save humanity and nature, but also birth a new kind of humanity on the earth.”  (Andrew Harvey)

Andrew’s language and life’s work has helped me get clearer about my own hard-to-box Ultimate Purpose.  I am a part of his Networks of Grace.  And I’ve registered for a special online video course he’s hosting, which starts March 24th, and costs $99 ($129 after March 7th).  If this resonates with you, I hope to see you “in class.”  Learn more and register at the link below:

—> Turning Hope Into Action:  The Path of Sacred Activism <—

(Please Note:  The link above is an affiliate link, which means if you register for the course after clicking it, I’ll get a referral fee.  This is hardly sufficient for my recommendation, but it’s appropriate that you know.)


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