My brain is changing. And I like it.

Below are five words that describe my experience of playing an active role in my brain’s evolution:

  • Beingness – The way you see the world creates your relationship with it.  Seeing is being.  To change your perception, is to change your identity.
  • Roundedness – Non-linear.  Fuller and heartier than a straight line with two points.  Imagine, instead, a life story or earth story that is spherical… curved to better reflect light… rotating to allow for repeat lessons when needed… multidimensional to integrate as much wisdom and insight as has been gathered through the ages and futures.
  • Aliveness – Juicy not dry.  Richly-hued not faded.  Great brainfruit nourishes, surprises, assists, eases, comforts, inspires, foresees, advances, solves, resolves, pioneers, introduces, innovates, invents, hypercreates, refines, sources and… yes, makes wiser.
  • Interconnectedness – Whole in one.  Neural-networks (the highways in our head) are a good example of how, at our essence, we are relational.  A renegade neuron affects the entire show :-(  But so does a happy, healthy one :-)
  • Nimbleness – Flexible and bendy.  Able to see around corners, which requires insight and foresight at the same time.  A rigid mind cannot do this, because it insists on traveling on the straight steel tracks of predictability.  But a nimble mind lifts off the tracks altogether, gets an aerial view, and can then help others through life-traffic.

Are there any other neuro-adventurers out there, who feel the most exciting technology they know of is right between their ears?  Say hi.  We should connect.


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2 Responses to “My brain is changing. And I like it.”

  1. Jillian Davis Says:

    beautiful post Erika. really nice job explaining something that’s hard to articulate.

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