I have a dream, too.

I have a dream that each person on this planet fully remembers the truth of who you are:  you are divinity in flesh capable of love so large, it eats pain and burps forgiveness.

I have a dream that each person on this planet is so intimately connected to Nature, you see little difference between soil and your skin, ocean water and your plasma, trees and your arms, mountains and your legs, rain and your tears, feathers and your hair, rocks and your teeth.  You get it — that you are a blessed extension of this generous planet, and you would no sooner harm it, than you would stab your own eye, or hack your own thumb.  Hurting the planet is self-mutilation.  Nurturing the planet is an act of sanity.

I have a dream that lovers, lightworkers, empaths, Highly Sensitive People and Law of Attraction-ers wouldn’t be so quick to turn away from things that are ugly, unjust or unpleasant. If those with the best hearts look away, who will stand for those with no voice and little leverage?

“My vibration” does not need nearly as much protection as do the 17,000 children who die daily from starvation.  Avoidance all dressed up in sophisticated quantum-talk is still avoidance.  Hearts create and store courage, because courage is what is needed to transform density and contrast into beauty, lightness and peace.

A lot of conscious communities cultivate a very popular hands-off approach to the world’s suffering. How can the “evolved” and the “masterful” claim Oneness With All, and refuse active engagement with planetary needs?  That’s crap.  The more light we hold, the more accountable we are to use it in the creation of heaven on earth.  And sometimes that includes boldly looking at a thing straight-on so that it can be transmuted.  Avoidance does not heal.  Active love heals.  I’m pissy about the fact that the New Age Movement has yielded a bunch of softies who lack moral outrage, because they fear a negative emotion might lower their vibration.  Give me a break.  Trying to live in an insulated crib where troubles don’t creep in is precisely what keeps a lot of conscious communities anemic… feeling as though they can barely withstand the challenges in their day… because they’ve come to believe they can’t handle anything tough or big.  But they were born to do just that!  With their immense hearts and super-sensory gifts and heightened sensitivity, they showed up on the scene to make a loving difference now.  Powered by empathy, which is the new currency.  Empathy will keep your mind fresh, agile, humble, motivated, aware, and guided.

Images and reports that depict the horrors of humanity are ideally meant to shock us into loving action, not make us look the other way.  The emotional difficulty of tragedies is fuel, to crank our professed abilities into a higher gear that manifests positive outcomes for all, not just our own kitchen cupboard or garage.

There’s a middle road — one that blends the very best of the meditating mystic who can recite Abraham by heart, with the zealous change-agent who sweats and drools from noble action.  It is the way of the engaged heart and higher brain.  Three of the best sources I know that help guide a person along this path are:


“All that is necessary for evil to triumph
is for good men to do nothing.”  (Edmund Burke)


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5 Responses to “I have a dream, too.”

  1. Jacquelyn Strickland Says:

    Beautiful post Erika. One of the characteristics of a truly empowered highlhy sensitive person is to “honor your inevitable distressing emotions to disturbing events.” This would of course include the suffering in the world. Taking action in some small (or large) way to honor your distressed emotions — and all those who suffer – is all the more powerful !

    • Erika Harris Says:

      Jacquelyn, how long must I wait for the release of your much-needed book? That’s where that brilliance about “honor(ing) your inevitable distressing emotions to disturbing events” came from isn’t it? What a source of encouragement and empowerment you are!

  2. NancyG Says:

    “There are always multiple levels of activism in the worlds of timespace. On one level there are those who are rising up in a common voice, calling for peace, justice, support, and equity, especially for those disadvantaged by social or economic circumstance. On another level, are those who are imagining the Oneness of Humanity by touching into their Spiritual Centers and allowing this vibration to flow outward from their hearts. One level facilitates the other; in a sense, they are conjoined in manifesting the new realities of a world in which Oneness supersedes separation and polarity.”

    From the paper entitled “Temple of Spiritual Activism”

    • Erika Harris Says:

      Bless you, Nancy, for sharing this truly amazing resource. It is uncommonly beautiful and touching. The rich quote you share here causes me to see that I identify with BOTH levels described. I do not experience duality regarding activism. My call for a more empathic culture is fueled by my imagining of Oneness. You and eventtemples.com helped inspire the writing of this:

      there is something within me
      that is a mounting roar…

      which may be because i am a lioness
      coming to know myself, in which case
      my song ain’t to be a tremoring mewww.

      though i am capable of the softer purr
      and the grooming of cubs’ fur,
      sometimes the jungle commands a CRY
      from the deep recesses of my soul’s ferocity.
      visceral wildness that is as much a necessary part
      of the ecosystem of One, as are the hummingbirds,
      cherry blossoms and sleeping rocks.

      Thank you, dear friend.

  3. Be my soup. A call to sacred activists. « l i f e b l a z i n g . c o m Says:

    […] My answer to that sober question has always been, “YES!”  The execution has been imperfect (like me), but the answer has always been an impassioned, fiery, this-is-who-I-am “YES!”  And that is how it is for many sacred activists.  On a soul level, we sense a Call — an Unshakable Urge — to be of great and loving service to something larger than ourselves and our individual lives.  We tend to morph through various titles and roles while serving, but the steadying refrain is our desire to see a healthy and sane world, and our spiritually-fueled willingness to spend ourselves bringing that forth.  This is big work, not for the faint of heart. […]

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