The Art of Transformations.

It’s that time again.  Where you review last year, speculate about the coming year, and the moment right now sometimes slips between the crack.  Oops!

I knew 2010 would be different, because my operative beliefs about work and money had changed so drastically.  Actions flow from beliefs.  So 2010 was a year of tightrope walking and trapeze feats.  Some went :splat!: and others were a *triumph!*.  Mixed nuts.  And totally worth it.  I’m more free now than I was the first day I slid into this Paradise disguised as a cool, sterile construct.  I’m thankful for the personal courage that moved me beyond speculating, and into a life that I love.

One thing that accelerated some of my growth cycles is my love of transformation: grape to wine; wound to pearl; caterpillar to butterfly; single cell to Cindy Nelson; brokenheartedness to benevolence; death to life.  So of course I’ve had a long-standing interest in alchemy, which is the art of transformation.

I want to deepen my exploration of that art.  Starting Sunday, January 2, 2011, David Metcalfe and I will co-lead a free, fun, weekly online study group for alchemy called THE ART OF TRANSFORMATIONS.

We’re doing easy-talk video posts, and encourage you to do the same with us!  Our source text is The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Alchemy, written by Dennis William Hauck who has given this project his blessing, and will even join in the conversation from time to time!

You’ve tried resolutions before, now how about some transformations?  LEARN MORE HERE.

P.S.  You are welcome to join in this study at any time.  If you’ve ordered a copy of the book, and are awaiting its arrival you can start reading now at this preview link.


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One Response to “The Art of Transformations.”

  1. Erika Harris Says:

    “You have great alchemical energy full of transforming fire of inspiration.”

    Dennis Hauck, the author of our source text, gave me permission to quote this very kind statement. I hope to live up to it, brighter year by year.

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