Don’t be afraid to exfoliate your life.

I have never once been sentimental about dry or dead skin.  I love my loofah, and regularly use my skin brush because I want my epidermis smooth-n-silky  ;-)

It’s eleven days before Christmas, and 2.5 weeks before New Year’s, so why am I sharing my skin care habits with you?  Well, there’s a correlation I’m living into, and it might be helpful for anyone else going through change, growth, transition or just an end-of-the-year assessment.  It’s this:

Like your skin, your life also has a complexion.
It, too, needs a good sloughing-off every now and then.

When you outgrow something, it’s often scary and downright hard to release.  Especially biggies like relationships, jobs, beliefs, etc.  But you can stay grounded and strong by remembering that its lifelessness will hinder your own breathing and being.  De-romanticize whatever the outgrown thing is by truly seeing it for what it is — a dry, crusty callous that’s hiding the next, new layer of you.  Let it go.


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3 Responses to “Don’t be afraid to exfoliate your life.”

  1. Jeannie Says:

    I needed this today, my dear. Thanks!!!

  2. Yoga is my loofah | Yoga with Mitzi Says:

    […] time to click through & read this wonderful post from the divine Erika Harris over at […]

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