(En)Lighten Your Load

Show of Friday, December 10, 2010

Today’s special guest — jazz trumpeter, Roderick Wilson — was touching because he’s so heart-based. You’ll enjoy his poetic insights in the second half of the show.  My spoken meditation for forgiveness didn’t come through clearly, so here’s the text, should you care to follow along:

“When we look inside those bags of resentment, usually we find feelings of disappointment, betrayal, unsupportiveness, exclusion, insult, abandonment, or some similar icky feeling.

These things certainly hurt. And we wouldn’t consciously hold on to them. So the bags are weighing us down… slowing our movement and our radiance, only because we haven’t dealt with them.

That’s exactly what we’re going to do right now. Deal with them. Those bags, and the contents that fill them. You have put things in those bags. Other people have dropped things in those bags. And you’ve carried them because you’ve been waiting for some sort of justice… some acknowledgement of your hurt. Allow me to do that for you now. Permit me to say:

“Dear, precious Vessel of Splendor… YOU listening right now… I’m talking to YOU.. I acknowledge that at some point — perhaps even right now — Life has been unfair to you. At some point, a relationship has let you down… someone you trusted caused you great pain. At some point, your body has endured discomfort or disease.  Your finances have caused you worry or sleeplessness.  Your dreams have made you wait for so long, you sometimes sit with doubt.

There are many, many difficult things that might be in your bags… and as a fellow human being who is soulfully related to you, I AM SO SORRY. Do you hear me? I AM SO VERY SORRY that you had to withstand a moment of feeling anything other than being embraced, adored and safe.”

And here’s where Transformation comes. See yourself without the weight of the bags. See yourself with your arms FREE. Your heart FREE. Know know with certainty that whatever was in your bags has now brought you to a greater place of wisdom. A greater understanding of love and compassion. I promise you nothing was wasted. Nothing.

It did not kill you, so don’t act dead. Don’t feel dead. Don’t make the choices of a lifeless person, because you have breath… and this moment… and that really is all that is necessary for a Right Now New Beginning. Bag-free. Now, move… live…. love… like a free person, because that’s what you are. New and light. Savor that…”


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