Sweet Night of Silence + Shadows

This is not your typical holiday post.  It honors the deep, dark places close to the tree’s trunk that can’t get draped in lights and tinsel. (You realize that tree trunk is a metaphor for you, right?)

The public mandate of this season is to be Merry!, Jolly! and Twinkly!  And there are very real reasons to feel that way.  All year long, actually.  But what about those moments when the sleigh bells just annoy you?  Or make you want to pay equal respect to the non-commercial and maybe even non-social impulses within you?

This post is proof that you’re not alone in loving the bright, festive bits while simultaneously understanding that your party face will also require quiet moments of reflection and solitude from time to time.  There are major energies at play right now, and they are calling forth something grand and strong from us.

Candy Canes, Christ Consciousness and Cosmic Creativity are twirling all about. These are quite amazing and unprecedented times, deserving of fresh gazes, new observations and as many naps as you may need.  :-)

You are, literally, becoming something new.  Someone new.  Transformation is such a full-time gig, it summons and commands nearly all of you.  The best response to this is simply, “Yes.”

And that is my ultimate wish, hope and blessing for you as we cross this magical threshold together:  May you give yourself over to Love’s pull.  May you be a soft and surrendered heap of truth, reassembled to withstand the heights for which you were created.

All my love,


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2 Responses to “Sweet Night of Silence + Shadows”

  1. missmolly72 Says:

    I love you, Erika.

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