Roots + Wings: Happy 65th Birthday, Ebony Magazine!

There are several reasons for me to love Ebony Magazine:  (1) its publisher, Johnson Publishing Company, is the world’s largest African-American-owned and-operated publishing company; (2) it’s headquartered in my hometown, Chicago (10 minutes from where I live, even); and, saving the best for last, (3) as a Black Woman, I recognize all that Ebony has done to raise our collective self-esteem by celebrating our beauty and strength, and advising us of areas to improve.

So, this post is to honor the 65th Anniversary of Ebony Magazine; and also to share this poem with you I just wrote after looking through this month’s edition.  It doesn’t have a title.


nappy roots and honey-baked wings.

sequoia roots and transcendent wings.

i am both.  i am all.


i am the earthy, big-hipped

sista-gurl who can do like the ant, and carry

ten times its own weight, ’cause i’m just strong like that.


i am also the ephemeral ray of golden light

that warms and heals

just by being unencumbered radiance.



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4 Responses to “Roots + Wings: Happy 65th Birthday, Ebony Magazine!”

  1. alisha Says:

    love this.

    did you have a chance to watch black girls rock on BET last week? sometimes i forget how strong i am because of my heritage. and it was so heart-warming and inspirational to see all those beautiful black woman rocking this world.

    • Erika Harris Says:

      Alisha, I missed it! But I know and love that empowering quality you’re talking about… when watching a group of our Sisters who have defied odds… and sometimes even gravity, it seems :-))

  2. missmolly72 Says:

    Exquisite! (The poem and you..because you ARE the poem, a breath of life, the honey of the hive).

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