How to make your own SapphirePrint.


Yesterday’s BlogTalkRadio show was, essentially, a mini-workshop.  If you’re seeking guidance or direction about life’s bigger questions, like “What’s my purpose?” or “What are my gifts?”, this show guides you in a meditative technique that will bring you closer to your answers. The practice can go much deeper, but what’s presented here will give you a nice taste.  Below are a few quick notes from the show.

  • A SapphirePrint is similar to a blueprint in that it is a detailed plan that shows all the needed specifications to transform an idea into physical form.
  • A SapphirePrint is different from a blueprint in that a blueprint is technical in nature, and a SapphirePrint is spiritual and energetic in nature. A SapphirePrint is sourced and nurtured from inside you.
  • A SapphirePrint is made and amended every time you take this soul-journey.

If after doing this exercise you discover something new, exciting or surprising, let me know about it in the comments below.

(P.S.  My apologies for the two drops during the show!)


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