Has listening gone the way of the dessert fork?

Is it something we pull out on special occasions, but don’t really bother with for everyday use?

It often feels like that.  Undivided attention is handled like an exotic resource not to be wasted on regular life.  We have become such extreme multi-taskers… always with some sort of stimulating screen in front of us.  How can an earnest heart compete with that?

I’ve mentioned before here and here my belief that lavish listening is a simple way to improve a person’s mood (both speaker and listener), and it can set loose a vision like nobody’s business.  People sound surprised (or confused?) when they ask me what my weekly talk show is about and I say, “the practice of deep listening.”

But there are some to whom it doesn’t sound strange at all.  Last Friday, I was thrilled to get calls from others who see the value of cultivating deeper communication — with self, Creator, each other and all of Nature.

If you haven’t yet listened,
please do so by  *CLICKING HERE*.

High: The guided meditation that starts at 17-minutes.  (Some have said it’s a tear-jerker.)

Low: My connection was dropped about 32-minutes into the show, and a caller was left hanging on-air and in-limbo for a minute or two until I could reconnect.  But how fortunate for me that this caller was familiar with the technological quirks of BlogTalkRadio/Skype, and she graciously waited.  Her name is Lisa Dollar, and she’s up to beautiful work in the world.


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4 Responses to “Has listening gone the way of the dessert fork?”

  1. Erika Harris Says:

    Like the FaceBook Page for The Listening Show:


  2. Sheree Says:

    I listened and it quite a wonderful experience. Very creative and so like “you.” Keep up the good work.


  3. morpg Says:

    Yet another thoughtful post, thanks a lot. I just looked over some other stuff you made and I look forward to more. Good show.

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