LifeBlazing’s LISTENING Show 101

WHAT: A weekly one-hour * call-in show * dedicated to the practice of deep listening.  Each show will include:

  • information to help you become a more generous listener;
  • a guided exercise or visualization to help you relax, and be fully present; and
  • the opportunity to give your heart a voice, and be deeply heard by a listening enthusiast (me!).

WHY: I believe deep listening is an extreme act of love that restores and refreshes the person speaking.  It is one of the most profound and outrageous courtesies we can give another person — to essentially say, and utterly believe: “What you have to say is the single most important thing in my world right now.” I said it was an extreme act ;-)

But with decreasing attention spans, and increasing noise-chat streams, how often do you feel lavishly listened to?

There are soul experiences we crave, but often don’t know we crave, because we can barely manage our in-boxes, let alone our post-modern mania.  Some of the soul qualities we crave include:

  • feeling fine from head-to-toe;
  • relief from masks and fraudulence;
  • fun and strong closeness with another;
  • the sunshine-warmth of unconditional acceptance;
  • simply being a magnificent thing of beauty and wonder, etc.

There are billions more, probably, and deep listening helps bring them out into the light of day.  One of the best human opportunities above all others is the chance to discover those innate soul qualities in you, and then release them into the world with abandon!  I want to help make that happen for as many people as possible, and through the show I can create both the experience for some, and examples for others.

WHO: All are welcome, especially those who desire heart-based insight, clarity and deepened connections with self and others.

HOW:  You call (626) 657-2115, Press “1”, and when I bring you on-air, you answer this guiding question:  “WHAT WANTS TO BE SPOKEN RIGHT NOW?” Simple, but deceptively so.  You will be amazed by what you learn about yourself from yourself!  To get the most from this experiential show, try to be in a distraction-free environment when you listen (live or archived).

WHEN:  Every Friday at Noon Central (10:00 am Pacific, 11:00 am Mountain, 1:00 pm Eastern)

A REQUEST: Please help me promote the show by sharing this post with others.  Thanks. 


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2 Responses to “LifeBlazing’s LISTENING Show 101”

  1. Erika Harris Says:

    Sign up for show reminders here:

  2. alisha Says:

    That is a deceptively simple question. Deep, for sure. I look forward to listening to your show.

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