I am launching my own weekly LISTENING show today!

Announcing the Launch of a Weekly LISTENING Show
CALL ME @ (626) 657-2115 Every Friday @ Noon Central.

(10:00 am Pacific, 11:00 am Mountain, 1:00 pm Eastern)

* * * CLICK THIS to HEAR the 1st Show * * *

In my last blog post I shared some thoughts on breaking open.  I have an update on that, and will do so in today’s show… which is a new and different kind of talk-show. Because YOU have the chance to do most of the talking, and I do most of the listening. Deep listening. Compassionate listening. Transformational listening.

You call me, TELL ME SOMETHING YOU WANT TO BE LOVINGLY HEARD, I savor and honor all that you say, and then share any insights I get while listening to your heart. This is a sacred work I have longed to do.  To give.  And now, we begin…

Please call with something you deeply long to say, and can say within 5 minutesIf you speak The Thing that wants to be spoken, it — and you — can move.

What you can expect today:

  • An update on my work in internet radio.
  • A guided exercise that will help you identify something (stuck) that wants to be spoken (now).
  • Kind, undivided attention as you speak.
  • Loving, intelligent reflection of what you have spoken, that leaves you feeling shiny and new :-)

A listening show requires callers.  I will prattle on with my idealistic, paradigm-shifting viewpoints unless and until someone calls!  I need just 2 or 3 brave people willing to give voice to their wonder, fear, gratitude, anger, euphoria, loneliness, or some other aspect of your beautiful self that feels unheard.

This is not therapy.  It’s just one of the best ways I know to love people.


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6 Responses to “I am launching my own weekly LISTENING show today!”

  1. Grace Kerina Says:

    This sounds great, Erika!

    I love that you say this: “This is not therapy. It’s just one of the best ways I know to love people.” I know it to be true from my own personal experience.

    Have fun. I know you will shine.


  2. Jacquelyn Says:

    Hey there CloverSister!
    Wish I had known about your new Friday talk show sooner … I would have called in … just to say hello and wish you love, light and blessings.
    Will mark my calendar for next Friday !
    with love,

  3. NancyG Says:

    Now THAT’S a radio show! http://www.blogtalkradio.com/lifeblazing. I have it on my calendar to listen every Friday at noon central time. What a delight to listen to you speak from the heart with clarity, wit and wisdom!

    As the women gather, we will become LifeBlazing catalysts for each other. Many thousands of women RIGHT NOW are trying to figure out how to find work that we are passionate about and that will support us.

    Statistics show that millions of baby boomers will not be able to retire and will need to find a way to continue working from home. It behooves us to find out what we love to do… and then do it.

    We must find each other first. Erika Harris has provided the sacred meeting ground to do this. We must learn to network and support each other like the men have done for thousands of years. Each of our LifeEmbers will be fanned into a mighty tempest as we gather around the LifeBlazing fire.

    I have had 3 sessions with Erika and my money/energy has never been better invested. See the PayPal button at http://www.joyful-work-for-sensitive-people.com/ for a session or to make a donation. If you want to contact me for a reference, you may email me at InThis2gether@comcast.net.

    I hired Erika to help me find my way in what seemed like a pretty dim room. What do I do? How do I do it? I am 54, was burned out and did not feel like starting a business, but knew that I could not continue with what I am doing. She skillfully guided me to the light switch and the room was flooded with Light!

    The plans for my business are coming along as fast as the ideas are coming in. Events are happening and I am making contacts that cannot be called coincidence.

    My dear sisters. Take a look around. It is undeniable that we need each other now more than ever. We are in this together but we have to gather together first!

    For those who read this, we can use our social networks to fan the flames. Please copy and paste this if you wish. I wrote it to include all the links. I will see you in the chatbox!

    Love to all,

    Nancy G

    A Hint For Technical Issues – Initially I had a problem with the show buffering but not playing. So I went to Explorer then Tools – Pop Up Blocker – Turn Off Pop up Blocker and voila, the show started playing.

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