How to paint the town red, in 5 easy steps.

1.  Stop saying unhelpful things like, “I’m a writer.  I can’t paint.”

2.  Gather your friends and pick a night with Bottles + Brushes (genius biz idea!)

3.  Get a bottle of wine ;-), and a plate of colors.

4.  Ask your canvas, “What wants to be painted?”  Or if that’s weird to you, just pick a picture from their idea book.  Personally, I am not inspired to copy what someone else has already done.  So I asked my canvas what it wanted, and it told me to blend, blend, blend.  Blending colors feels good.  I am glad I listened.  Eventually, a ball of fire emerged.  The painting is not yet complete as the canvas now wants tiny iridescent seed-beads to be glued on top in various places.

5.  Give thanks for creativity and community.

Stephanie, Cynamon, Erika and our instructor, Lucas Myers.

Cyn, Erika and Steph


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4 Responses to “How to paint the town red, in 5 easy steps.”

  1. NancyG Says:

    Just this week for the first time ever I opened the accessory that lets me paint on my laptop! Then I thought that I should go to an art store and buy paints to satisfy my craving to create. My thought was that I can paint. Anyone can. In fact I was just making breakfast and was thinking about this, came to look at emails and here this is.

    Message from the Universe received and confirmed.

    This synchronous event string between what I am thinking and what you are writing about is shoring up my belief that we are all One.

  2. Lana Says:

    This is the second such “wine + paint” fun I’ve heard of in the past week!
    My sister-in-law had much fun at this place in Denver:

    I’m on the lookout for one in Seattle! Or I might just start my own. :-)
    Getting my brushes ready…

  3. Jillian Davis Says:

    Erika: what a great idea – i might steal it and post it to Facebook. Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. alisha Says:

    that looks like a blast!! i will need to join you on your next one :)

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