There are some breaths.

There are some breaths so big and fertile…
so capable of birthing entire worlds,
they require an entire lifescape just to be properly exhaled.

Fully expressed.

Do not confuse this Special Kind of Breath with…

a gasp – it is not a weak, sniveling, apologetic, whisp of a breath.
a burp – it is not a spontaneous, unintended, stealing of a breath.
a  fart – it is not a noxious, secretive seaping of a breath.


I am writing you now of an Accordion-Breath
so tightly fan-folded, back-and-forth, and back-and-forth
and back-and-forth*, that when it is finally loosed.  Finally…

Vent.  I.  Lated.

When it is finally able to release… to untie its ribs and
let out a howling blast of its sound-truth —
whether through ram’s horn, bamboo or cedar —

when that Vibration hummmmmms
when that Loving Breeze bloooowws
when those Faithful Winds carrrrry

that’s when you’ll know
The Breaths I have awaited.
The Breaths I am becoming.


*Each fold, which enriches the sound, was created
from a growth experience.


3 Responses to “There are some breaths.”

  1. Molly Says:

    Exquisite. As always.

  2. Nancy G Says:

    Your Majesty, I can see a book with accompanying DVD which shows the art, the words, music and the poetress Herself reading aloud.

    Where can I buy this?

    The first stanza alone is ahhhhhh breathtaking.

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