Sweet like honey. Strong like steel.

So much roundness.
In my face.  My hips.  My bosom.
The curves might dizzy some.
Make ’em think I’m only about caramel-covered desserts
and pillows.

Let me assure you, that is not the case.

All these curves came
with steep learning, baby.
They round out misfortunes
and losses that would make you stammer.

This age-defying put-you-at-ease-mmm-mmm-good comfort
came with a burning price.  A hot cost.  A smoldering sacrifice.

And I’d pay it again,
if it helps me
help you.

Which is really the only reason to let Life
sweeten and strengthen you….
to share your loving heat with the chilly-willies :-)


14 Responses to “Sweet like honey. Strong like steel.”

  1. Molly Says:

    Ohh Erika..I LOVE this..exquisite!

  2. Mitzi Says:

    OMG – I LOVE THIS…may I share it by reposting?

  3. PicsieChick Says:

    I, and all of my curves, love this. Sipping tea and feeling the comfort of knowing my own strength….and yours.

    Hugs and butterflies,

  4. Nancy G Says:

    Why oh why do you always make me cry? I almost never cry. My very DNA is designed to withstand the 9.0 earthquakes in my life and your words melt the “tough girl” in me. I mentally realized the traumas have ravaged my body. I didn’t realize I was holding back such intense feelings of grief. Your understanding is other-worldly. Such feeble words to express how this has gifted me.

    • Nancy G Says:

      You broke my heart open. Adam Gainsberg of SoulSign calls it the “broken open heart”. I went to the mirror right now. Between sobs I apologized to my body. It was necessary! I would do it again! I have comforted myself knowing that this too shall pass.

      You know of us who have paid the price and we need your assistance to show the way to the broken open heart so we too can go forward. In turn we too will show the way…

      Diamonds made under tremendous pressure in the earth can appear as chunks of worthless coal. But then they are cut and polished by The Master Jeweler – whomever/whatever we define that to be – to become beautiful gems. It is why I make a point of wearing them – to remind me of who I am, not of who I appear to be or what others may appear to think of me. (In the One Heart they love me as I love them, they do not fool me!)

      Collective consciousness tells us to hide our jewels in a dark closet – a recess of our hearts. After all, who would want to see them anyway?


      • Erika Harris Says:

        (A Poem for Nancy Grayson)

        Cacti and camels are built for dryness.
        They easily handle skin-splitting aridity.
        I don’t understand the miracle of their anatomy.

        Nor do I share it.

        So when I was in merciless sands that went on and on
        and on. Beige granules so hot they crinkled the air currents just above them…
        When I was stranded in that desert heat, with bleeding lips
        and blistered hopes
        a friend came.

        First as water.
        Then as belief in me.

        And when you think about it,
        there’s really no difference between the two.

        Thank you, Nancy Grayson, for gifting me
        with unearthly love, and turning a mirage
        into an endless Spring of New Water

        that flowwwws
        and makes the cacti and camel marvel
        at real succulence.

        I love you.

  5. Nancy G Says:

    In 1987 in a Sedona gallery, I had the privilege to stand in the presence of a Navajo rug that was so large, it took a year to make. I could feel it’s healing power and literally wept because of its beauty. Certain art, music and poetry does that to me. You owe me a box of Kleenix.

    Now I have a few words of my own but they’re meant to uncork a few thousand bottles of champagne.

    This Is The New Earth

    For naysayers, pessimists and those who’s negative thoughts have outlived any good use of time (and lately I confess to count myself as one of them)…

    This is the new earth

    I have to turn my head to the side and shade my eyes. It is so Bright but I See you. When I lost hope, frankly, for all of us, for all of humanity, you shocked the shit out of me and saw me too.

    This is the new earth

    For anyone who reads these words, you are witnessing the dawning moments of a new earth. We are starting to See each other…

    Millions of us.

  6. Yoga with Mitzi – Sweet like honey. Strong like steel. Says:

    […] ~Written by the smoldering Erika Harris over at l i f e b l a z i n g.com […]

  7. Susan M. Baker Says:

    Beautiful…like you.

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