The incredible, edible egg. (How scrambling expectations arouses stronger interest. Much stronger.)

Me: “What are you doing later?” 

Friend: “Takin’ some eggs to my Mom.  I know.  Sounds weird.” 

Me: “Yeah, actually.” 

Friend: “A new Target opened in my neighborhood.  They’re promoting their grand opening by giving away eggs by the dozen.” 

Genius!  Essentially, what Target is saying with their ovo-give-away is: 

“Well, duh… of course we have office, kitchen and gardening supplies.  Bathroom, clothing and travel accessories.  Sports equipment, patio furniture and electronics.  All of that is so classically Target.  But did you know we have eggs? Eggs!  Yeah, so next time you need peanut butter… instead of going to a plain ol’ one-dimensional grocery store, where they only carry food… why not come to Target, instead, where you can get your peanut butter and that full-length mirror you’ve been wanting?” 

Let’s pretend you’re a writer or a counselor.  It’s a no-brainer that you’re good with words and feelings.  But what surprise do you have to accompany your predictable assets?  What refreshing and useful delight can you whip out that would scramble your people’s expectations of you, and make you a giver of juicy extra-ness?  Engaging sensuality?  Humor?  A musical or athletic ability?  Dual citizenship?

You know… eggs

What are your eggs*? 


*Expectations Getting Geniusly Scrambled


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2 Responses to “The incredible, edible egg. (How scrambling expectations arouses stronger interest. Much stronger.)”

  1. PicsieChick Says:

    I get it! I see exactly what Target is doing, but thank YOU for putting it into terms that I can use. It actually fits with a little info product I’ve been considering.

    Hugs and butterflies,

    • Erika Harris Says:

      How exciting! I’d love to hear about it if/when you’re ready… both the info product and the egg.

      I’m workin’ on a special egg and it makes me giddy, so it must be right :-)

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