How’s your relationship with LIFE?

Life is __________________.

When you were growing up, how did you hear this sentence completed?  Did you hear Life was:

  • hard?
  • unfair?
  • short?
  • an adventure?
  • what you make it?

And now that you’re all grown up, how do you complete that sentence yourself?  Do you say Life is:

  • a gift?
  • a test?
  • a journey?
  • so good.
  • worth living well!

Admittedly, our answers to this question can easily change from day to day (or hour to hour on some days).  But overall, how we regard Life — what we believe about It, expect from It, pour in to It — influences our satisfaction with It.  Or lack thereof.

Lately, in spite of personal challenges and quests, I have experienced Life as a Romancer… surprising me not necessarily with solutions to my problems, but with tickles for my need to laugh… novelty for my need to learn and wonder… confidence for my need to expand and explore…  Life has been caressing my ancient memories, and arousing me to Lighter Ways of Being.

Lighter as in Brighter.  And Lighter as in Not As Heavy.

That means shining.  And shedding.

Life is an explosion of souls waking up to themselves.  And each other.  Good morning, Beloved.



2 Responses to “How’s your relationship with LIFE?”

  1. Molly Says:

    Good morning dear Erika. Life to me is a gift, a journey, an adventure. I didn’t always see it that way. For a long time I saw this life as one to be endured, to be “gotten through” to the true wonderful place that Heaven has promised us to be. Heaven may be there, it may be wonderful, but no longer do I sacrifice THIS life for eternal “promises”. Life is joyous, is delicious, is meant to be savored, is to be taken by the horns and wrestled to the ground.

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