The Sea-Monkey Effect

Before tonight, I hadn’t been to Shedd Aquarium since the 70’s.  And even though that’s a really long time, not as much has changed (in me) since then as you might think.

I was gazing at this guy (sorry for the blur):

Completely. Entranced. With everything about him. 32,500 animals live here, so giving this kind of devotion attention to just one thing might not be the best visitor’s strategy, but I couldn’t move… because a mega-memory was being brought to surface…

That’s right.  Sea-Monkeys.  Here I am, in close proximity of dolphins, whales, sharks, otters, octopus… and I’m having a transcendental moment triggered by brine shrimp?  Yep.

Because those brine shrimp from 30+ years ago represented the first time I had faith.

The first time I believed.

Not in Santa or the Tooth Fairy.

But the magical, aquatic kingdom of Sea-Monkeys! Where they live in castles and always smile to show their perfect teeth.  Where they hang out as blissful family units, having the time of their shrimpy life.  Only I didn’t know they were really just tiny artemia nyos.

But it didn’t matter.

Because with my whole heart, I accepted that outrageous marketing as true.  I was confident in the existence of this alternative colony of life, where they communicated, worked, played and lived together in a way that was similar to my life, but better.  And not here.  I really identified with the “not here” part because I had always felt as alien as they looked.  I related to them, and I would have paid or done anything to have them close to me.  Off the page, and on my desk… right in front of me… so I could spend hours projecting my vivid imagination all over their every movement.

So I could practice my faith.

And that’s the Sea-Monkey Effect, believing in the actuality of an unlikely thing so fiercely, that it becomes likely.  Or at least possible.

What are you holding to be true these days?


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One Response to “The Sea-Monkey Effect”

  1. Barbara Says:

    Ironically, I really am confident in a planet where we communicate, work, play and live together in a way that is similar to my life, but better. I have visions of a world where people are good to one another. I hope for a world where more people are Highly Sensitive and the insensitve are the ones who are the minority.

    Sometime I wonder if my disappointment will be liken to your Sea Monkeys.

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