So… what do you *do*?

Truly, there are no words to describe how much life-force I have spent dreading the feeble reach of this question.

Until now.

Right in the middle of the most mundane, unremarkable moment, My Right Answer to this quest(ion) finally found me.

So, please… go ahead and ask me… what IS it that I DO?

And I shall answer by telling you what I am:  I am a Creator.

I create:

  • celebration of my and your luminosity
  • clarity around complex matters
  • cultural support for HSPs and empaths
  • empathy around neglected matters
  • expansive ideas
  • invitations for truthfulness that is lived
  • laughter
  • midwifery of greatness
  • novelty
  • pleasure
  • possibilities
  • relief and inspiration for the emotionally and creatively constipated
  • sacred space big, and safe, enough for you and your stories and dreams
  • social critique
  • transformational conversations
  • permission to add to this Life Description as my Inner Compass deems

There’s more.  But this is a sufficient start.

I’m still re-configuring and am gaining veracity and velocity by the day.

In the meantime, I’d love to hear how you answer this question?  Or, do you alter it first, and tweak/upgrade the entire getting-to-know-you conversation?


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5 Responses to “So… what do you *do*?”

  1. Mitzi Connell Says:

    Loved this! :)

    Reminded me of this:

    “Everybody is doing SOMETHING.
    Everything done affects everything else.
    So what are YOU doing?”

  2. Angela Says:

    I think *I* might start answering this question not with: “I work at an animal hospital” because I don’t get to DO enough there that *MEANS* something to me & I never feel like I’m MAKING enough of a DIFFERENCE. Here’s what I actually do. I ‘DO’…

    good things for others, good things for animals, I THINK good thoughts for others & I think good thoughts for animals, the planet, etc. I DO things like make myself a priority in my life, I DO friendly, cheerful things. I DO be authentic anywhere I go, I DO go out of my way to say a kind word or let someone share their pain, I offer Reiki to those in need, I DO engage with people in a way that is meaningful & important to me, I DO ‘eat more ice cream’ (I do!), I DO make sure to live a simple life for both myself & those around me. I do this as I know I can’t ‘handle’ much & I get overwhelmed very easily. When I simplify my life & don’t make promises I know I can’t keep, I’m more calm, peaceful, happy, & better able to help others. :)

  3. Alisha Says:

    That is so beautiful! I shouldn’t downplay what I do so much.

  4. April Says:

    I DO think genuine thoughts, I DO consider the possibilities, I DO do the best job that I can.

    (So tempting to comment here on what I should do more. I WILL ignore those thoughts and focus on what i DO do.)

  5. Jonathan Mead Says:

    I think this is something we struggle with a lot as coaches that help people with not so hard-and-fast things. Plus the nature of what we do is that we are integral helpers. We may help people with one thing, but the it leads to another seemingly unrelated thing.

    I’ve learned that by communicating to people one specific thing I help with as a coach that’s valuable, I make people feel safe to enroll. They know there is something specifically valuable they can easily identify that will make a big difference. It doesn’t restrict me, it empowers me.

    It’s like the doorway or the bridge that connects to a more expansive place. Then we can start getting into the other stuff that needs to be addressed and helped.

    Congrats to you Erika for boldly identifying and communicating what it is you do. That is awesome. :)

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