How to make your dreams come true.

Click the dream-catcher below to listen.



7 Responses to “How to make your dreams come true.”

  1. Carolee Says:

    Can’t wait to vote for you as often as I can! You will make a fantastic TV host!

  2. Lynnette Says:

    This is absolutely wonderful. I told you that you will make an uber dynamic interviewer or TV host. I will certainly vote for you ~ Best wishes

  3. Jeaneen Says:

    Erika, this is an amazing endeavor. I wish you the most luck and success. You’ve got my vote!

  4. Erika Harris Says:

    Lynnette and Jeaneen, thank you so much! I really appreciate your support.

  5. Erika Harris Says:

    My audition video is completed (yay!), but there’s some glitchiness going on with the upload/final submission. Trouble-shooting mercies. Hope to have it rectified by tomorrow.

  6. Erika Harris Says:

    Here’s the link: I’m grateful for your vote!

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