How to master technology overwhelm (even if you’re incredibly sensitive and empathic).

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Technology can take us deeper into transcendence (if that’s where we want to go).  It can deliver more delicious bites of savory soulfulness (if that’s what we want to digest).  An attitude of gratitude.  That’s what I’ve got for the three WonderWomen below:


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3 Responses to “How to master technology overwhelm (even if you’re incredibly sensitive and empathic).”

  1. Erika Harris Says:

    Some might think it ironic that I’ve posted about mastering technology overwhelm, and then offered you 6 separate links (3 website offerings, and 3 twitter streams). I’m thorough… and I offer the links because each deserves your attention. xoxo

  2. Randi Buckley Says:

    What an insightful (and generous) recording, Erika. Your words are wise and your delivery is a welcome salve to HSPs, the highly sensitive and empathic. You are so kind to place me in the company of Hiro, Adela and YOU.

    Thank you!
    With gratitude,

  3. Carolee Says:

    Another great, thought provoking post! Maybe it’s just me and my age, but I have fewer issues with being social online than I do in real life. I’m still learning how to shut off my empathy in real life (though some part of me, being all intensely curious and a bit of a brat does not want to shut it off EVER!) but online allows me to just flow in and out of things and unless the person is in a LOT of pain, I don’t feel it. Sort of fantastic!

    Though I find that just being an HSP means I need to be careful: too many hours in my bad IKEA chair means that I’ll be tired and sore if I sit there too long. Hoping to fix this a bit with a chair replacement in the very near future. Can’t afford a fancy Aeron, so I’m thinking a kneeling chair instead!

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