Map-Making Skills 101 (Or, How To Make Your Life A Desirable Journey)

In this video I said the Empathic Revolutionary is a cartographer — a map-maker.  This is how we approach life in theory and practice:

We know how to play nicely, (and people are often very attracted to our Light), but we don’t like to be told what to think, how to behave or where to journey.

And because we don’t highly value popularity (in the adolescent, cool-kid sense) we are free — emotionally, psychologically, socially, spiritually free — to live according to Our Own Inner Compass.

So, which way is north?

Just like a plant, the Empathic Revolutionary, grows toward Light.  We crave, desire and lean our entire selves toward things that enable our growth.  So, in general terms, Light is our True North.  How we explore and express that Light will, of course, vary among us.  But the heart of what drives us is Light.  We seek It in our relationships, hobbies, conversations, books, jobs — in the basic way we make sense of the world and ourselves in it.  We seek the wholeness, sanity, warmth, nourishment, ability and luminosity that Light gives.  We eat It.  Get power from It.  And, in our unique ways, give It back.

We are plugged into Source.  Not syndicates.

You always have access to unfailing Love and Wisdom.  Always.  Without fail.  If you ever feel differently than that, it’s because:

  1. You are feeding from something unlit;
  2. Or, it could be time for you to increase your wattage.  You may have reached a point in your journey where you are able to take in greater amounts of Light and, in turn,  transmit greater amounts of Light.  Absorbing too little, and under-shining both make you feel terrible as a prompt to Up It!

Your map is made while walking your path.  You choose your steps by what lights you up.  Don’t let the simplicity of this fool ya :-)


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I’m trying to get this blog out from under the bushel.  Thanks for your help!


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7 Responses to “Map-Making Skills 101 (Or, How To Make Your Life A Desirable Journey)”

  1. Alisha Says:


    Synchronicity today for me. One of the things that’s been really present in my night dreams, daydreams, thoughts, life, etc. is light. Bright light. I’ve been trying to follow the light…and it has made a tremendous difference in my outlook.

    Thanks for another great post.

  2. ije Says:

    beautiful! exactly what i needed to hear in this moment. it was very affirming and reconnected me to my inner compass. i feel heard & understood. thank you soul sis!

  3. sueokieffe Says:

    i love embracing Light as my True North. thank you for writing this. (i posted on FB so others might read as well. let’s overturn that bushel basket. yes!)

  4. Erika Harris Says:

    Alisha, Ije and Sue, you star-filled women have made me glad! I see your glimmers and am inspired by them.

  5. Sheree Says:

    Loved the symmetry of your message. You manage to connect everything with light! What a gift you bring to the universe. Thank you for showing up and playing big!

    Sheree Franklin

  6. Michael Says:

    huzzah! for narnia!

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