Womb-Theory: In Rounded Praise of the Feminine

Urban Landscapes

Modern city-lines are almost always tall, erect, angular, jutting structures… ambitiously reaching toward the heavens, as if with something to prove.  Or sale.

Social Media & The Marketplace

Social media gurus advise writers and marketers to have something remarkable to say.  They tell us to have a big, tipping-point idea, and then give it away.  And, as a result, there is more informational tower-building than ever before.  Empires of information taking up every inch of vertical space in our mental lofts… ambitiously reaching for the heavens, as if with something to prove.  Or sale.

Everyone Is In Sales

Yes, I know, our current economic system requires that we all sale something in order to survive.  But I’m so tired of the panting, frantic, rabid way we go about it.  Loud, industrial, hyper-speed clamor.  Like the Tower of Babel, this ceaseless chatting is morphing into incoherent mumbo-jumbo-blarty-blah-blah.  Meaning-full exchange?  Who’s got time for that?  We’re launching to the heavens with our campaigns, advertisements and veneers.

The Welcomed Sanity of Womb-Theory (also known as “Yin”)

YIN is characterized as:

  • inner/soft/moist
  • receptive
  • nurturing
  • holistic
  • emotional/intuitive
  • feminine
  • cool/dark
  • autumn/winter
  • west/sunset
  • night/lunar

YANG is characterized as:

  • outer/hard/dry
  • aggressive
  • focused
  • rational/logical
  • masculine
  • warm/light
  • spring/summer
  • east/sunrise
  • day/solar

Too much of either throw living systems out of whack.  Currently, we have way too much yang, and not nearly enough yin in all of our social systems.  And what if, in the midst of all the yang-bang-cacophony of our everyday lives, no one hears your earth-moving game-changing epiphany?  Did it really make it a sound?  An impactful, received sound?

No.  It didn’t.

Obscurity will descend upon that sparkling brilliance, and eventually decompose it like rotted wood.  Back, into earth, your sparkle will go.

So where can you find a witness?  A metaphorical midwife?

Not a non-distinguishing dope, but a high-quality witness — an intelligent beholder of your beautiful thing?  Attention is scarce.  And erect eagerness is everywhere.  Gracious reception is the rare commodity.  But who’s willing to be the witness?  Who’s compelled to love by beholding the visions of others?  Who will give the deepest courtesy of womb-like hospitality… a safe, warm, birthing space for other folks’ babies, dreams, aspirations and hopes?

Maybe it’s my background in Spiritual Direction, or my training in Chaplaincy.  It’s definitely the way my soul has been put together that I want to be with, and serve, people in this way.  As a fully present witness — an appreciative and intelligent beholder of your beauty.  But this offering is so subtle… so nuanced.  Can it find its way out of the noisy mayhem?

If you can you hear this tree falling, please do let me know.


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7 Responses to “Womb-Theory: In Rounded Praise of the Feminine”

  1. Michele Spector Says:

    I enjoyed your post! Interesting questions. I remember reading once that it’s difficult being spiritual in a world where it’s nearly impossible. I guess you find your witnesses along the way and be open to finding them. I have these native american cards and the male/female thing comes up all the time. I have to become aware if I am either too much of one or the other. There has to be a balance or we are knocked off kilter. The world is changing. We have to look inside and express that outwardly. I think that is happening more all the time, in praise, you can say, of the feminine!

    • Erika Harris Says:

      “I guess you find your witnesses along the way and be open to finding them.”

      Yes, without your witnesses — or as is popularly termed these days, without your “tribe” — The Way is awfully lonely. Thank you, Michele, for your presence. XO

  2. missmolly72 Says:

    I can hear the tree falling. I have become more drawn to the feminine in the past few years, the deep, primal femininity that we all have inside. We all need to tap into that more, to embrace it rather. Let the men be men, and let us be Divine :)

    • Erika Harris Says:


      “…deep, primal femininity…” I’ve been sitting with those 3 words, Molly… letting them stew and simmer inside of me… and they are cookin’ up something outrageous (which I fully welcome). Thank you for being so catalytic. And Divine.

  3. Jillian Davis Says:

    another incredible post. I do hear your tree falling in the woods – keep your message going because it matters. I’m tired of the cacophany too, and in its place I want what you describe: attentive, juicy listening and deliberate ‘beholding’.

    Be Adventurous, Wake Up to Work You Love

  4. Has listening gone the way of the dessert fork? « l i f e b l a z i n g . c o m Says:

    […] mentioned before here and here my belief that lavish listening is a simple way to improve a person’s mood (both speaker and […]

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