The Master Cleanse – Day 21 (A Surprise Discovery)

21 days, 17 pounds and 63 lemons are behind me.  Salt and sugar addictions are gone.  Thoughts about food and consumerism are re-calibrated.  And those aren’t even the best parts!  The best part of this fast was the gift of clear remembering.

Can you recall a few of the most content moments of your life?

Deep, soulful Contentment speaks softly, if at all, because Its power doesn’t require words.  It transcends words, actually.  But It (profound contentment) shows up every now and then to give you a clear idea of what to fill your life with.

  • Precious Memory #1 – When I was 7, 8 and 9 years old, my Mom and I had the adventure of living as off-season innkeepers at Oak Cove Resort.  Our front yard was a lake, and our three surrounding sides were woodlands filled with exciting creatures and all kinds of life.  I was quite at home lying in beds of leaves, climbing trees and studying tadpoles.  This all felt full and right in my heart.
  • Precious Memory #2 – Before the term “permaculture” had even been coined, my Grandad‘s backyard was a model display.  Chickens and all :-)  As a lil’ girl, I loved summer afternoons sitting under the grape harbor with my Grandma stringing beans and shucking corn.  I couldn’t move my small fingers as quickly as Grandma could.  Pop. Snap. Pull.  With tender breezes blowing on us, our “work” and our giggly conversation.  Berries to wash.  Peppers to pickle.  Tomatoes to can.  Pears, peaches and roses to gather.  This all felt full and right in my soul.
  • Precious Memory #3 – While working as a seasonal Park Ranger at Eno River State Park I lived in a tiny house in the forest. When I woke in the early morning, I saw wild turkey and deer in the front yard.  The mushrooms and honeysuckle that grew all around me found their way into my salads.  Mmmm.  Hiking trails and wading in the river sometimes made me weep, because I was so overwhelmingly happy.  Saline joy.  This all felt full and right in my being.

How often do you experience/access that same kind of deep contentment?

And here’s the surprising discovery of this extended fast.  My life currently has a depressingly low amount of the fullness and rightness described above.

Fasting cleans, clears and simplifies you.  It renews your neural pathways and strengthens your love for land and all life.  It makes painfully obvious the gaps and disparities that can creep into a busy, urban, post-modern life.

It reminds you of what really matters, and gives you the energy and personal will to reclaim that.

Thanks for taking this journey with me.  I hope it gives you inspiration to get clean and clear.


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2 Responses to “The Master Cleanse – Day 21 (A Surprise Discovery)”

  1. CathyOh! Says:


    My partner and I are certainly inspired by your journey, as we have been searching for some type of cleanse to aid in our self-renewal. We ‘stopped too short’ though, only making it 4 days, but those 4 days were life-changing for us nevertheless, and we will embark upon The Cleanse again soon. We cannot consciously go back to how we had been living our lives. Everything that you wrote in your previous posts about having a lie in your life, ‘numb-and-dumb eating making discontentment more tolerable,’ and the benefits you were experiencing during The Cleanse really resonated for us on many levels. Thank you for sharing with us. We are truly grateful.

  2. sue2012 Says:

    Erika, I loved your memories. I could feel each one of them as if I were there myself, so nicely written and so intense in simple joy. One of mine is the house next to a clover field. I would lay there for hours on my back, where no one could see me. As I watched the world turn, I would suck the nectar, a couple of molecules at a time, out of the clover. I can close my eyes and taste it now. My family would nod and say, crazy yes, if I were to share that with them! Nice to have a place, your blog, to come to feel at home. kezia

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