Video Interview with Danielle LaPorte of White Hot Truth

“It’s too late in the cosmic day for small talk.” 
~Danielle LaPorte

Succulence.  Sovereignty.  A real conversation.  In this generous interview Danielle gives that, and more.

Today something very special has launched.  If you’re a soulful entrepreneur — or want to become one — The FireStarter Sessions are just for you.

Near the end of the second video, Danielle shares some of the great minds on her Team (I’m sure not exhaustively).  Here’s a link-list of some of those people:

Quite the think-tank ;-)
Reap the benefits, by clicking the box below:


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5 Responses to “Video Interview with Danielle LaPorte of White Hot Truth”

  1. Danielle LaPorte Says:

    Erika – you need your OWN show. You’re such a star. Radiant. Thank you for such thoughtful, well-prepared USEFUL questions. I’m yours.

    • Erika Harris Says:


      The pleasure was mine! Thanks for answering so lushly. No small talk needed or wanted here ;-)

      May you + TFSS break personal and public records!!


  2. meorthethoughtofme Says:

    Bookmarking this. So excited to listen :-)

  3. Randi Buckley Says:

    There’s no doubt Danielle is a sage and gives an insightful and authentic interview. It’s a great part of the reason so many are so inspired by her and liberated by her message.

    I want to commend you, Erika for skillfully and masterfully bringing another dimension of Danielle’s beauty (physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual) out all the more. I throughly enjoyed this interview and the way you guided it. Your questions are great and indicative of an empathic and intuitive coach. Your skill invited really juicy nuggets of ‘hot dayum!’ and it was clear Danielle really appreciated your approach. You’re gentle and full of strength, all at once. A lovely dance partner for the shamanic Ms. LaPorte.


    With gratitude,

    • Erika Harris Says:

      Oh, Randi, what a moving comment! Thank you so much for taking the time to share such rich and kind insights. It was pure joy talking with Danielle, and it makes me happy to know you enjoyed it, too.

      I appreciate you,

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