The Master Cleanse – Day 10 (and I don’t want to stop!)

Dr. Burroughs said the Master Cleanse should be done a minimum of 10 days, but it could be continued up to 40.  I’m loving the many benefits and feelings of being food-free.  Such as:

  • The energy my body normally uses to digest food is now being spent on cleaning my blood and organs.
  • The time I normally spend on meal preparation is now being spent on fun, creative endeavors.
  • The enthusiasm and verve I sometimes had to conjure up is now flowing abundantly.
  • The lightness of being that feels like my authentic self is now free from the water-weight that used to slosh around and hide me.
  • The courage to live in closer proximity to my truth is more friend than bully.

Amazing things are going on, not just physically but metaphysically.  Why in the world would I stop now? :-)


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5 Responses to “The Master Cleanse – Day 10 (and I don’t want to stop!)”

  1. 2cool4texas Says:

    I’m there with you. I’m on Day 21…aiming for 40 and enjoying the journey. I awake every morning expecting to experience something brand new. Namaste.

  2. Aleine Says:

    Hi Im Aleine and Im thinking of starting the master cleanse but, have a few questions..
    1. Can I start if Im on my monthly cycle or no?
    2. Is it really necessary to have the laxtive herbal or salt water?
    3. Can I chew gum to help me get through my cravings?
    4. Can I start the master cleanse at anytime?

  3. Weight Loss Workouts Expert Says:

    Interesting article

    There’s nothing like being lean. In today’s America, we have toworkout occasionnaly and throw off our bad diet habits. It’s not extremely hard. You only have to stick to a diet program and keep going until you reach your goals.

    Thank you very much for sharing this with your readers.

  4. gwen Says:

    like Erika Harris, i too do not want to stop the Master Cleanse. From the very first time i tried it i became addicted to it. I crave the taste of the drink with it’s lush maple syrup, lemon juice and that hot cayanne pepper flavor. I also experiance a kindof high. Just can’t get enough of the stuff! Unfortunatly i am getting hassled by my husband whom doesn’t think it’s healthy because lack of food. I have lost 42 pounds, 2 months ago i weighed 147 -too much for my 5’2 frame. I would like to say that i think the cleanse is a very good idea. As long as one enjoys the drink.

  5. Francesca Zimmer Says:

    @Gwen, Did you keep the weight off? Were you doing the salt water flush and the lax tea every single day?

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