The Master Cleanse – Day 5

Time for a lil’ spring cleaning.

On March 21st, which also happened to be the Vernal Equinox, I started Day 1 of the Master Cleanse.  This is my fourth time doing it, and the second time that my Mom and I have decided to cheer each other on while doing it together.  I purposely waited until the first 4 days were over before writing about it, because I wanted the hardest part behind me.  As I recall the other times, it gets much easier from Day 4 and onward.

If you’re interested in any details about the recipe, benefits of, or instructions on how to do the cleanse, please read The Master Cleanse PDF 30-Page Booklet, by Stanley Burroughs.  He’s the creator of it, and it’s always best to get your answers direct from the Source of a thing whenever possible.

System reset.

My love-affair with high-raw/living foods needs revitalizing.  I want to be free of toxins, impurities, addictions and the unconscious pursuit of them.  I have, and many people I know have, actually pursued toxins, impurities and addictions because they make discontentment more tolerable.  A drink.  A high-carb meal.  Some mmmoist-n-gooey cake.  A lot of times, these things are really just for the purpose of numbing-out.

And I know there are a lot of hard things to face in life, but numb-n-dumb eating is the coward’s way.  I know better, but haven’t always chosen accordingly.  My new story begins.  Now.

Things that are already coming to surface.

This afternoon I had a pang, but it wasn’t a hunger pang.  It was something else.  It was a jolting stab about a lie in my life.  (I have a feeling I’ll tell you about it before this is all over.)  And as quickly as I felt the stab, I instinctively imagined something I could eat that would comfort me! Something that would make me feel the satisfaction of a fully truthful life. I was shocked and amused by this.  Shocked to realize I have used food as a weak substitute for real life-longings.  And amused that fasting from food enabled me to see this.  Oh, the irony :-)

I remember the other times I’ve done this cleanse, I was presented with Truth so tall, I thought for sure I wouldn’t survive its shadow.  Let alone its light.  Each and every time, clarity of mind and certainty of soul would make the wildest demands of me.  And I’d go as far as I could with them, for who I was then.  But I’d also stop short.

A major life redesign.

This time is going to be different.


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2 Responses to “The Master Cleanse – Day 5”

  1. Ireen Chisala Says:

    Ola! Lifeblazing,
    Maybe a little off topic, however, I unquestionably acknowledge your submit. My elder sister seen some sort of master purify. It is not especially the identical as the lemon study detox but equivalent principle. What would occur out of the colon was honestly incredibly filthy worry insipiring. A mixture of worms and some unndescribable substance. The most surely crucial outcome is how she felt afterwards, so great as she has not at any time felt properly before in her complete everyday everyday life.
    She is now about 50 most years outdated and she lives in the U.K. She used a combination of worm medicines, bilhaziasis tablets and constipation reduction medicines.
    I will not promote the complete blend she place to use but I would advise that if 1 is building an try the Learn Cleanse for the main time, it will be advantagious to begin with a research class of combantrine, a evening time earlier to ( Combantrine a dewormer). In this circumstance the cleansing will get rid of even worms.
    Catch you again soon!

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