Confessions of a Diamond

I am the most durable natural substance on the planet.  But you won’t find me on the planet’s surface.  I am created deep-down… one-hundred miles down inside the hot-heart of the Earth.  It’s so fiery there, things bubble.  Some might call it a mythical hell.  And yet, that is my birth-place.  A dark, boiling cauldron.  Full of pressure.  Sometimes, the pressure is so great, the Earth has to relieve herself, and she vomits me up.  You may prefer to think of that as a volcanic eruption.  I suppose that sounds better than vomit.  But the result is the same.  I am spewed out.

And because I’m so valuable, I’m prospected, mined and sold at premium costs.

I’m just wanting to point out the irony here.  That I am so glamorized.  I adorn the fingers, wrists, ears and necks of only those who can afford me.  I am the most valued gem of all, and yet…

I come from such humble beginnings.  I am carbon.  Like you.  One molecular difference, and I could have ended up black, coal.  Drenched in butane, and burning myself up for barbecue.

But as a diamond, I hypnotize you.  You can’t take your eyes off of my radiance, and I know why.  It’s because when I make love to light, my orgasm is prismatic and it gives you those dazzling flashes of color you admire so much.

But all that luster and luminosity came with great sacrifice.  Remember the heat and pressure I endured?  The depths that I came from?

I can’t imagine you’ve escaped similar formation.  Maybe you and I have more in common than just carbon.  Maybe, at your core, you’re a diamond, too.


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3 Responses to “Confessions of a Diamond”

  1. Michele Spector Says:

    Wow! Very nicely done!

  2. Yoga with Mitzi – Under Pressure Says:

    […] Written by the luminous Erika Harris at Lifeblazing […]

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