Thank You, Temple Grandin!

How much better would the world be if we all knew our minds as well as this woman knows hers?  There is a lot that impresses me about Temple Grandin, but the two main things are:

  1. The way she is so fiercely self-referential.  Some may find this narcissistic or socially maladaptive.  But I think it fuels her grounded power.  Her authoritativeness and confidence is actually endearing.  Her force doesn’t at all bully.  Instead, it makes you tilt your head in curiosity, smile… and think.  Even though she acknowledges pivotal people in her life, it’s clear that Dr. Grandin requires the approval of no one.  She is centered in herself.  Not the wishes or expectations of others.  Maybe that’s why she’s so free to innovate, invent and create like a divinely touched star-woman; and
  2. The way she makes no apology for the “trade-off” that brilliance sometimes requires.  It’s not that she completely knocks social skills.  But for the most part she does.   Because she’s awfully busy making the world better.  And you know what?  Turns out the world loves her for it.  Instead of being judgmental of her uniqueness, we’re charmed by it.  We respect the choice she made.  To become masterful in her strengths, for the benefit of the livestock industry and autism advocacy.  Even though that focused mastery might account for Grandin’s statement that “the part of other people that has emotional relationships is not part of me.” She flourishes by living alone in an intentionally structured life that does not overwhelm her.

That kind of self-awareness and self-respect takes my breath away.


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2 Responses to “Thank You, Temple Grandin!”

  1. Mara Says:

    Temple Grandin would not have developed into the productive successful woman that she is now if she hadn’t had a good support structure in her younger years. Let’s not forget that!

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