What do you stand for?

I think this is a much more interesting question than,
“What do you do?”

It’s a little harder to answer, too.

But, would you try?  In the comments below?


4 Responses to “What do you stand for?”

  1. Erika Harris Says:

    Okay, I’ll start :-) I stand for meaningfulness and evolution — the feeling that not only do my relationships, work and life matter, but that they are spiraling toward breath-taking joy.

  2. Angela Stevens Says:

    I stand for discovering and living my own emotional truths – my path of light will be different from every living being on this planet… I seek positive self growth which can only benefit myself and those I love and come into contact with.

  3. Lynnette Golston Says:

    Hey Hurricane! Here’s what has come to mind after reading today’s post: I stand for love, imagination, intuition, and ascension. This translates as loving me and the world enough that I am led by intuition and imagination to show up for the world in ways that are spiritually inspiring and uniquely transformational.

  4. Angela (Astrocat) Says:

    I stand for meaningfulness, authenticity, compassion, empathy, understanding, integrity, & ALWAYS being a free spirit! I also encourage others to find their inner child & never, ever be embarrassed to dance to music in your driveway! :) Be an example of a free spirit to all! I stand for joy & play.

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