How to find and work from your innate expertise.

in*nate – (adjective) 1.  existing in one from birth; inborn; native. 2. inherent in the essential character of something. 3. originating in or arising from the constitution of the mind, rather than learned through experience.

Innate expertise is your persistent itch.  That lingering curiosity, idea, question, ability, outrage, daydream, puzzle… that refrain you always return to no matter what your days have brought to you (or have taken away from you).  That itch… that refrain… has attached itself to you.  And it has resided within your heart, within your consciousness, for so long now that it is surely a part of you.  This kind of expertise cannot be taught or learned.  It is lived.  It is breathed.  It is pulsed. And you have done the living, the breathing, and the pulsing of It.

That deep knowledge is so uniquely yours, no one else can claim it, let alone do anything useful with it.  Not like you can.  So you see how important it is that you say the biggest YES to this expertise than you have ever said before?  Because if you don’t, that particular gift of expertise will perish.

May this post serve as a loving midwife that helps you birth your Innate Expertise as only you can birth it.  And delivering that Innate Expertise will not only make you feel more relieved and clear — less bloated with stagnant ideas and inspiration — it will also make things better for the world around you.

Mine are clustered, like a bunch of grapes, and the chief ones are:

What are yours?  Those signs of Life and Giftedness that won’t stop kicking ’til they see the light of day…



6 Responses to “How to find and work from your innate expertise.”

  1. meorthethoughtofme Says:

    hmph. mine are really the same. interesting.

  2. Eduard @ Ideas With A Kick Says:

    I like this. It’s like going with your nature to be productive, instead of fighting it. Sounds…natural :).

  3. swissknifev Says:

    Hi Erika. Mine is art but I am stuck with something else. Got to earn money.
    Like I read a Graffiti once: Artists need you support. Send them food. But you’re right. The call is the natural thing. Money kills nature.

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