Got a decision to make? This might help.

This is my first time blogging about a dream.  It’s fresh.  Only a few hours old.  And I think it’s got potential to be helpful to anyone facing a decision to be made.

It was a very simple and direct dream.

Three roads.

As in the image above, I stood at a point on a path that branched off into three different directions.  I didn’t feel certain about which way to proceed.  I took a few steps forward into the center path, and it lit up.  The path got bright golden and illuminated.  It was beautiful.  And you’d think that’d be enough to encourage me to keep going forward, but nooo… I couldn’t stop wondering, “What about the left path?  What does it offer?  Where does it lead?”  So I backtracked, took a few steps on the left path, and it lit up, too.


And while enjoying the warm glow from the now-lit left path, I again wondered, “What about the right path?  What does it offer?  Where does it lead?”  Again, I backtracked, took a few steps on the right path, and sure enough, it also lit up.

The thing I instantly and intuitively understood in my dream was that whichever path I set my feet to, light was provided upon contact.  Not before I stepped on it.  And not after I departed from it.  The point was that my decision preceded the light; not the other way around.  That is wildly liberating because it means there are no “wrong” paths.  Nothing is wasted.  Whatever shows up on the left/center/right path is purposeful.  So there’s no need to be fearful about making the wrong choice, because it can all be composted and recycled.  Failed marriages.  Filed bankruptcies.  Tanked careers.  Foreclosed homes.  Unfinished degrees.  Unsatisfying relocations.  Whatever might appear to be the fruit of a poor decision is — somehow — moving you forward in your life.  So choose.  And step.  With the purity and adventuresomeness of a child.  You can’t break your life.  And even if you dent or scratch it, those marks are just evidence of the fact that you have gone somewhere.  Better that, than the garaged vehicle that rarely gets its engine revved.


The other part of this dream was that while I was experimenting with the three paths, I was holding an object in my hand.  Apparently it was very precious and valuable, because it was covered with several layers of protective bubble-wrap.  At some point, I got tired of the bulk of the bubble-wrap and removed it.  I woke up before I got to see what the object was, but I got the understanding behind it anyway.  An object covered in bubble-wrap cannot be enjoyed.  Sure it’s safe from damage, but what the heck can you do with it… buried beneath all those plastic bubbles?  Again, risk the dings and dents and savor the thing (whatever it is).


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13 Responses to “Got a decision to make? This might help.”

  1. Sjanien Says:

    This a really a great understanding, good to keep it as a reminder!
    Love, Sjanien, Netherlands

  2. Eunice Harris Says:

    … Beautiful, profound, and true. When you have light in you, your path will be lit wherever you go. Thank you for sharing this prolific vision!


  3. Lynnette Golston Says:

    Thanks for the lovely “soul reminder”!! Reading your blog has reminded me to surrender perfectionism because there is no such thing as “perfection” so much as “perfect imperfection”. In the end, every victory, perceived failure, or mishap exists to help us evolve. Too much perfection is a sure road to paralysis. Love you and your insight!

  4. Deb/ Says:

    Hi Erika, I love dreams because they are such truthful, on time, relevant answers to what we are presently experiencing. I think this dream has a lot to do with what I am going through and knowing that all roads lead us on our path is so helpful to hear! Thanks sis!
    Blessings, Deb

    • LifeBlazing Says:

      Hugs to you, Deb :-) I completely agree with you about the utter truth-telling of our dreams. How wonderful to lean our ears into them, and learn from their insights, huh? I love what you’re up to at Your path there is blessing for many.

  5. Holly Says:

    This is really inspiring. Loved the part where u wrote, “you cant BREAK your life”…and even if you dent it or scratch it, its evidence you have lived a life taking risks….great wisdom here thankyou x

  6. vero Says:

    this is exactly what I feel when I made decisions; no matter the decision I took, at the end of the day, I can enjoy the new situation. It is so good that you could conceptualize this. And also, this makes me realize why I looooove take decisions and change my path.

  7. Ashu Says:

    Toooooooo Good


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