An Invitation for Six Sensitives Ready To Live In More Power Than Ever Before

Yogi Bhajan said that women are 16 times stronger than men…

…but that our self-esteem is 16 times weaker.

The idea of that is interesting to me.  And is also relevant to Sensitives whose very presence can transform a harsh reality into one more beautiful and peace-filled.  But we often lack the decisive will to do so.

Too often, we seek permission outside of ourselves to shine at our brightest levels.  To radiate our luminous strength just because the expression of that strength looks and feels different from the majority.  But it is that (sensitively-informed) difference that the world thirsts for.  It is that (sensitively-empowered) difference that we are equipped to bring forth like no one else can do.

Those of us who live with heightened awareness, perception and sensitivity are just two steps away from living lives of purpose, power and ecstasy:

  1. Master the various aspects and opportunities that accompany our sensitivity; and
  2. Direct that power to our benefit, and to the benefit of something beyond ourselves.

On Friday, January 15th, 2010 Santari Green and I will open a gateway for six Sensitives ready to access and activate this splendid way of living.

Click here for all the details about this transformative teleclass series.


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3 Responses to “An Invitation for Six Sensitives Ready To Live In More Power Than Ever Before”

  1. LifeBlazing Says:

    As a point of clarification, there is an investment to participate in this transformative 7-call series. There are so many one-time, get-a-sample free calls. But ‘Being in the Power’ is something very different. It is clean, clear, pure potency that can alter your life and your ideas about your life. This class is intended for those with sensitive natures who are now quite ready to fuse their sensitivity with unprecedented power.

    Do you long for a new experience of yourself and your abilities? That’s the space Santari and I are holding for each of you. You can read descriptions of each call, and register for the series here:

  2. William J. Croft Says:

    Erika, I’m enjoying reading through your previous blog entries. Watched this Youtube video of Santari, called “The Transformation”. . Evocative!

  3. William J. Croft Says:

    Fun, I’ve already left a few comments on Santari’s site regarding vocal music improvisation, as developed by cellist David Darling and the Music for People organization. Article here: .

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