A New Year’s Love Letter

Dear 2010,

I am so excited for your arrival.  I’ve been preparing for you my entire life.

I’m not sure why, but I didn’t feel quite this way about 2009.  It was just different.  I was different.

But now… I await you with fully ripened love.  Tempered.  And arms wide open.

Come to mama.


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4 Responses to “A New Year’s Love Letter”

  1. Santari Says:

    You just know that there are some years of incredible magnitude that they stand out in big bold letters through the consciousness of time.

    2010 – a year of celebration – has arrived on our doorstep, and yes, it is/I am/we are amazing. Totally. Fully accepted for who we are and what we bring. The shaping of a new future has started.

    • Erika Harris Says:

      “The shaping of a new future has started.”

      Electric, Santari! And when I consider you, me, and ALL as pro-active shapers of that future… ahhh, pure delight.

      Possibility beckons, and it’s the most beautiful Call ever.

  2. Lupe Pavlica Says:

    Well, I guess it applies to all of us, but for vegetarians I do think it is even more important to know these things.

  3. Marquis Sorace Says:

    Another interesting comment, thanks a lot. I have checked out some other stuff you made and I like your style. I’ll be back.

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