What do you do with your untold stories?

I was recently reminded (on Danielle LaPorte‘s blog) of this insight from Maya Angelou:

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.”

If this is true… if there is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you… then maybe the reverse is true, too?  Maybe there is no greater joy than sharing an important story with someone who really wants to hear it.  Really wants to know what’s going on inside you.

Isn’t that why we write and read blogs?  To story-tell in community?  To practice the art of being human… opinionated… vulnerable… curious… whiny… brave… with others?

I agree with Maya Angelou.  If we feel we don’t have an outlet for our important stories, what starts out feeling like puffy bloated emotions can, indeed, turn into agony.

And by “important,” I just mean memorable.  Something about that story (which is really just a moment… or a series of moments) stood out in your mind, and wanted to be remembered and shared with someone.  Some memorable moments will be gray and crappy.  Lots will be golden warm.  Some sweet.  Some spit-worthy.

And no need for fanciness.  Or great length.  Just capture the part that squeezed you, like this:

“I have  a friend who is a platinum Dad of three daughters.  It’s doubtful that a more devoted Dad exists.  He’s there for everything.  Happily.  There.  For everything.  Each year he creates a Christmas newsletter where he says the exact opposite of what he really means about his girls.  They are high-achieving, mindful, sweet kids.  And he calls them horrible, truant and maladjusted.  It’s hilarious.  I love these newsletters.  The humor is twisted.  And redemptive to a girl like me.”

See?  Easy :-)  Now your turn.  Share a story with me, please.  What stood out for you today?  Wanted to remembered and re-told?


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4 Responses to “What do you do with your untold stories?”

  1. Deborah Says:

    Here I am again feeling the sisterhood of the traveling blogs. After I read this an idea to write about one of my life experiences cam up. It was therapeutic to incorporate the experiences both past and present and I saw a pattern in my life that felt gratifying to acknowledge rather than painfully suppress. Wouldn’t take nothing for my journey now.
    Blessings and Love!!

    • Erika Harris Says:

      “…the sisterhood of the traveling blogs.” I love that, Deb! And I applaud your choice to dive into your experience rather than suppress it. Your beautiful example encourages me to do the same. More. Enough so that the dive becomes the pattern. That’s my desire, anyway ;-)

      With Love & Affection,

  2. LT Says:

    This is a blessed reminder to me to TELL MY STORY!!! My issue is time and many multi-task that require energy but when is that ever going to shift, except I shift it. Thank you!

    • LifeBlazing Says:

      Interesting, LT. I wonder… if it’s possible that the telling of our story may actually give us the experience of more time? In the sense that when we feel our best, we are more expanded.

      For anyone interested in telling their story with mastery and authenticity, I highly recommend Gail Larsen’s “Transformational Speaking.” You can check it out here.

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