The sanity of wanting to be right where you are.



They want human bodies.  They want to descend — come to dense Earth — so they can experience the peaks and valleys of human life.


We want angelic-light bodies.  We want to ascend — go to airy-fairy Heaven — so we can experience the transcendence of angelic life.

What’s up with the never-ending quest and the never-satisfied desire to migrate to another side, where the grass is supposedly greener?  The water cleaner?  The love stronger?

To.  And fro.

Back.  And forth.

I know a Merry-Go-Round when I see one.  A carousel.  A gerbil-wheel.  A treadmill.

Round and round and insufferably round.  Who said this was supposed to be fun?  Packing up and hurrying to X… only to find that we’d really rather  flock to Y… and then, of course, dwell eternally at Z…

*exasperated sigh*

But in all those migrations.  Through all those transitions.

Did we ever pause long enough to actually, savoringly love the very right-now moment?  Or were we always too busy in a rushed hurry with multi-tasking spheres of enlightenment and ladders of ambition to notice.  To breathe in.  To realize the crushed bliss beneath our feet… within our tousled hairs… swirling about in our soup… lounging between our sheets?

Angels.  Humans.  And all other sapient beings who enjoy travel, journey and adventures.  Whatever we are… Wherever we are…



Give thanks for your Green’s Splendor.

Just as it is right now.

I think more grace and radiance does eventually get added to our green… to our yard… to our circumstance… but only after we give true, ecstatic thanks for the green we’ve got.


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6 Responses to “The sanity of wanting to be right where you are.”

  1. Ken Says:

    Soulful and quietly moving. Thank you for writing that.

  2. Ideas With A Kick Says:

    This is very powerful and counter-intuitive. We usually learn that not accepting where we are is the only thing that gets us motivated to change and grow. In reality , I find it’s rather the best say to not be happy and sabotage our lives.


    • LifeBlazing Says:

      I could feel the counter-intuitiveness you mention as I wrote it, Eduard. The not-so-little critical voice in my head was saying things like, “Are you a fan of laziness? Are you suggesting that people shouldn’t try to improve things in their life?” Of course I meant neither of those things. But it is refreshing to put Amped-Up-Ambition in the back-seat, and let Happy Contentment ride in front.

  3. Mahala Mazerov Says:

    “Did we ever pause long enough to actually, savoringly love the very right-now moment?”

    Exquisite question. One that we have to ask again and again, and practice answering with our lives.

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